~ on the table: apple wine ~

I keep coming back to this picture, as I think it would make a simple centerpiece idea for a casual orchard or wine country wedding, indoors or out...
I'm seeing long tables with white tablecloths and wooden crates (like the one above) in the center holding a couple bottles of wine, some cute glasses, apples and/or grapes, branches and/or vines and a table number.  To top it all off I would add dishcloth napkins at each place setting for a casual, homey feel that would also add some additional color if wanted!  Can you see it?

But I do have to say that any fruit, nuts, cheese, shells, etc... and flowers, grasses or moss would work too depending on your location!  And really this idea can be used at just about every location I can think of.  Such a cute, simple idea that I love!

~ Ciao

...image via gardenrooms

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  1. kristi...we must be on the same wave ...that would be perfect for my inspiration board today