~ homemade: centerpieces ~

So I think I am really into this new series (see my post below)!  I don't know how much easier homemade centerpieces can get than this...
Not only is this easy, but you're recycling...and every little bit helps!  What I really love about these centerpieces is that there are so many pretty options in cans these days.  I know we see a lot of tea tins and vintage tins...not so much of everyday cans though.  I'm sure you can find one or a whole variety that would be fitting for your outdoor or indoor affair!  I keep thinking of the oatmeal tins that I love...how perfect would they be for a breakfast reception? 

And remember, flowers look fabulous in them...but so do veggies which would be cute for a garden reception...or to serve appetizers in.  Oh, now I'm thinking...empty olive oil cans filled with breadsticks...love it! 

Happy Thursday my dears...it's almost my birthday...woohoo!!!!

~ Ciao

...image via sweet paul


  1. empty olive oil cans filled with breadsticks...love it! me tooooooo!!!

    ps love your new series!

  2. Glad you do too! So cute right...I see a little tabletop photoshoot in my future I think! And thank you...so sweet!


  3. You're so right! Everyday tins and cans can work just as well as vintage ones.