~ tuesday thought: better together ~

I can't tell you how much I have fallen for these sweet cards...
Tuesday Thought
Really what's bread without butter?  Or milk without cookies?  Or me without Mr. Big?  Sorry, got carried away there!  Back on target - Earmark on etsy has done such a cute job at reminding us that things are definitely better together...

...which of course leads me to my Tuesday Thought:  I would love to use this idea as escort and table cards!  I would put the guests name and one picture on the escort card (bread for example) and the other picture as the table card (butter) and ask guests to find their match! 

And if you start thinking about it you could come up with more than enough...think peanut butter and jelly, gin and tonic, cheese and crackers, fish and chips, corona and lime...

You could do a whole theme starting with save the dates, and end with playing one of my favorite songs by Jack Johnson...Better Together...just have a listen here.  Oh it would be so fabulous!!! 

~ Ciao

...image via earmark


  1. I love your design aesthetic and these little cards!

  2. Such a good idea for the escort cards - that would be adorable. Not to mention all the too cute table names - milk & cookies, bread & butter. :)

  3. ;) so sweet!!! what a great way to be inspired!