~ tuesday thought on a thursday: the green cufflink ~

I am OVER THE MOON about this little detail...
I just L-O-V-E it...don't you? 

So here is your Tuesday Thought on a Thursday:  Why not use something cute and fun instead of a normal cufflink?  Besides flowers or fronds you could use rope (rustic, ranch, horse type wedding), twine (bakers twine is always cute), ribbon, a strip of fabric or a piece from your wedding dress if you get it altered.  You could even use a page from a vintage book folded into a thin strip! 

I think a strip of vintage fabric with a vintage button sewn on would be adorable.  And then I would use the same fabric to wrap around the bouquet...yep you guessed it - with a button too!  Oh yes...once again I could go on and on.  But this is such an a.maz.ing little detail that I am dying over!  Seriously...perfect.

~ Ciao

...photography jonas peterson