~ the cocktail hour: tequila shots ~

Just in case you missed it yesterday (the Knot twittered about it), and because I just L-O-V-E the idea...I had to do a post about it today!  Have a look-see...
The Cocktail Hour
I mean seriously, mini tequila shots and bite sized fish tacos...how fabulous is that?  What I am so over the moon about is the way in which it is presented...with the corks still in the bottles and the straws going through, and the tacos atop limes...perfect examples of how little details can make all the difference!  And I think I just might have to try making those tequila shots!! 

Hey it's Friday...shots are allowed!!!

~ Cheers

...image via the knot


  1. even though tequila is not my friend, i have to say these are super SUPER CUTE!

  2. Oh I love this idea! I'm going to show this to my brides for sure! What a fantastic idea!!

  3. OMG!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! I gotta make them. I have the mini Patron bottles now how do you make those tacos so little. GREAT idea!!!

  4. I have had a major craving for fish tacos lately! This is SO cute.

  5. This is amazing!! Thank you for sharing - now I just need to come up with an excuse to make these ;)

  6. I love love love this fresh look! What a beautiful idea, with such immaculate styling.

    I am salivating.

    H :)

  7. I'm having a tequila tasting during my "welcome reception"! Such an amazing idea!!

  8. This is a great inspirational idea! I'm so doing this for my next cocktail party. You could do the same with bubbly and maybe a shrimp cocktail on the side...the ideas are endless!

  9. Love these so much! I just had to share with my facebook friends today!!