Who Says

...you can't use a lighted mirrored garland as a backdrop?
Tuesday Thought
Whether for the ceremony, behind the head table or the dessert table, a photo booth, as an escort area (kind of like the idea in my Tuesday Thought I posted yesterday) or just as decor...this would add the perfect amount of SPARKLE to your big day!  All you need is mirror garlands and one  (or more depending on how big you make it) white light strands to make your own ;-)  Or go right HERE for a step by step how to.

Now go get your sparkle on! 

P.S. - Ooh, I gotta say...I would love this idea with my earlier Picture Perfect Palette today.  A winter wedding with a gorgeous, but unexpected, palette with lots of spakrle...now that's my kind of affair ;-)

~ Ciao

...images via apartment therapy


  1. I would love to see that idea used as a alter backdrop.

  2. Squee-I LOVE this idea! How gorgeous!

  3. This is amazing! It would also be best decorated above your bed's headboard! :)

  4. Perfect!!!!! So many possibilites... even a beautiful backdrop for the wedding cake...

  5. Love this! I cannot seem to find similar mirror garland though. Any suggestions? Gorgeous!