Tuesday Thought: Drawer Liners

Good day loves ;-)  You know the old saying:  "when it rains, it pours?"  Well it is POURING in my neck of the woods...and I'm not talking rain either!  Well not yet at least...that's supposed to start on Thursday this week.  I must say that I would take pouring rain down over this type of pouring anyday!  But all that has to wait unitl I get my window fixed in my car ;-(  Yes, after just a couple weeks ago spending almost $1500 to get my car fixed, I now have to dump another...at least $450 because my driver side window won't go up!  Of course this doesn't happen in the Summer...nope, it happens when I have to drive to work in 50 degree temperatures.  Oh and yes, it is stuck all the way down.  And yes, I have to get it fixed as it's supposed to start raining on Thursday.  So you see, I still have a day job...gasp - I don't think I have ever mentioned that before...which with two postings daily here, one posting on OTMVR's blog (which I haven't posted there in over a week - bad Kristi), a vintage rental businesses, two Etsy businesses and an event planning business...you can see how it's P-O-U-R-I-N-G in my neck of the woods right now.

So hang tight with me loves as my posting has been a bit off for the last two weeks...I have soooo much going on right now I can't see straight...including a possible MOVE!  We, being me and LCW, are not going anywhere...we are just ironing out some kinks and fixing up the car ;-)  So stay with me please as the next week or two might be a bit sporadic in posting...I promise I will be back to normal by the first of December!

And while I didn't get a Tuesday Shoesday post done today, I did do my 'Thought Thought' post.  Here was my inspiration this week...
Tuesday Thought
Gold chevron drawer liners ;-)  Oh how I would LOVE to line my drawers with these!  And as always it got me thinking.  These liners are too pretty to go inside a drawer...hmmm.

So here is your 'Tuesday Thought' loves:  Use these drawer liners as decor for your tables!  Can't you just picture a glam event with these running the lengths of the tables?  And it doesn't even have to cover the entire table...just a couple on a long rectangular table would be fabulous.

It's so perfect for a bridal shower, bridesmaids luncheon, or just about any other party.  And another 'Thought' for you...is you could possibly use them for place mats for a smaller affair!  Hey, if I can use wallpaper (and lots of other different things) as place mats and table runners...then I can most certainly use drawer liners...hehe ;-)

You can get your own fabulous golden chevron drawer liners right HERE.

~ Ciao

...image via hammocks & high tea


  1. Loving this. Perfect touch of design in hidden places!

  2. OYE-at least there are lovely hidden surprises like chevron drawer liners to keep you smiling!

  3. Sending you positive vibes, Kristi!!!

    I love the idea of using the liners as table runners.