Tuesday Thought: Arrow Escorts

Good morning darlings!  How is your Tuesday morning going for you?  Wonderful I hope ;-)

Well I am back this Tuesday with another thought for you.  I have been finding myself drawn to arrows and feathers a lot lately.  So when I ran across these arrows...
...and found out they were a DIY - I knew it was time that I did an arrow post!

So here is your 'Tuesday Thought' darlings:  Use these arrows as escort cards for a fabulous desert themed affair.  Since they are a DIY using fabric scraps, washi tape, and paint amongst other items, you can customize them anyway that you like.  And to turn them into escort cards, just add a tag.  Also, you could have each table be a different arrow style/pattern/color.  Then on the tables you could have two arrows forming an X, and attach them to a table runner that hangs over the edge of the table!  Would be wonderful, no?

And you know me...I would take it a step further, and add a feather or two onto place cards.  Also, I might tie the napkins with some suede shoelaces...you get the idea ;-)

If you would like to make your own you, Modern Kiddo featured a guest post by Thompson Family Blog their blog with a step-by-step how to.  You can get it right HERE.

Happy DIYing darlings!

~ Ciao

...image via modern kiddo


  1. I LOVE this idea-they're so gorgeous, and would make amazing decor!

  2. Wow, colorful arrows my dear. Love it! :D

  3. such a great idea! love how colorful they are.