Flowers of the Week: 11.7.11

Good morning darlings! Even though today is the 7th of November, it is the first Monday in November...which just seems weird to me for some unknown reason. Another thing that's weird is it getting dark at 5:30 p.m.! The extra hour of sleep last night I was TOTALLY fine with ;-)...but getting dark an hour earlier - NOT okay! Am I the only one that feels this way? Please tell me no.

And while I am in the mood for some oh so pretty flowers today - neither bright colors nor soft colors are doing it for me on this first Monday in November. However, these, these are...
Flowers of the Week
Love, love, love! This is just the right amount of pretty for me today. Add to that the rustic feel of the bouquet, and a hint of glam from the brooch, and I think I just found the PERFECT bouquet to start November off with...wouldn't you agree?

Hmm, yes this is exactly how I like to start my Monday's - with pretty! Tell me darlings - how do you like to start your Monday's?

~ Ciao

...images via a savvy event


  1. The brooch is the perfect compliment for her necklace. Purty indeed!

  2. HA-I was so happy to wake up "early" this morning, but crushed at how damn dark it was by 5! At least there are gorgeous images like this one to make me smile!

  3. Yes, it definitely complements the elegant necklace. It's kind of unique type of flower for a bouquet though it works well with the dress and all.