Tuesday Thought: Light it Up

Hey sweet peas!  It's Tuesday...which means it's time for another 'Tuesday Thought.'  I love doing this post.  For me, sometimes it's like finding a needle in a haystack...100's of pictures later, I find the one that triggers a thought ;-)  Well honestly, they all trigger thoughts...but I'm always on the lookout for one that would work for weddings and events (even though I usually can make them all work...hehe), can be something that you yourselves can recreate and of course, most importantly, is a bit different!

So here is the picture that triggered thoughts to swirl and twirl inside my head...
Tuesday Thought
 How simply spectacular are the globe lights with pictures, notes and bits and pieces?  LOVE it ;-)

So here is a simple thought for today sweet peas:  While you can always use globe lights to hang pictures from at your wedding, I think this would make a FABULOUS escort area for an evening wedding!  Talk about a winter wonderland come to life...string up globe lights, or twinkling ones if you'd like, and clip your escort cards right on!  I might add little sprigs of greenery here and there too.

You could even take it up a notch by using glittered clothespins (like the ones I make here...nice plug, no?) so they sparkle and shine.  Oh and if your looking for globe lights, well I have those too...in clear and frosted ;-)

Granted, these globe lights are fantastic outside too...so all the Spring and Summer garden, winery, beach, ranch, barn, etc...weddings would all work perfectly as well.  And you can always change out the style of clips to fit your theme/setting.

Also, I think having your guests clip on notes for the two of you...to help your love shine...would be cute too!

What do you think sweet peas?  A good thought?

~ Ciao

...image via birch and little


  1. How perfectly sweet-I love this idea!

  2. such a great idea especially with your glittered clothespins ;)