Fantasy Friday: My Wish List

Hiya lovelies!  Happy Friday to you.  I am so tickled that Friday has finally arrived - after having to go to the doctor...yep, I finally did, and being put on antibiotics and told to TAKE IT EASY (which I have been doing...from bed...hence all the pinning that I have still been doing)  I am looking forward to this weekend. 

This weekend is my cousin Cass' 70's inspired birthday party on Saturday.  And any party that Cass is involved in is guaranteed to be a good time.  I offered up my disco ball for the event...and I hear that we get to learn the hustle under it - see told you good times ;-)  While I will most definitely make it to the party, partying will most likely not be happening from me ;-(  I guess I can go home early with Aunt Millie and play some cards, then it will be off to bed...and if I am really lucky I will be able to sleep til noon!

Anyhoo, after last week's 'Fantasy Friday' I have a whole list of things for this week...and they are all things that I would love to have...but funny enough, as I can always spin things, they would work for weddings too...I'll just tell you how - HA!  So let's get on with it, and start with that dress I featured last Friday.  The more and more I looked at it, the more and more I loved it ;-)  And in my searches I just happened to come across a top that made me do a double take.  Here, have a look-see for yourselves lovelies...
Fantasy Friday
I would so wear this Madewell top for a bridal luncheon, shower, or paired with a skirt or sleek cream slacks it would be perfect for a rehearsal dinner too.  And after all the wedding events, it would always look darling with cutoff shorts and sandals for summer and of course, jeans and heels.  Oh and the top is on sale right now too ;-)  You can get it right HERE!

Moving right along...I still have gold on my brain.  So when I ran across this bottle opener (which I am in desperate need of one that actually works), it was love at first sight...
It's sleek, simple stylish and works - what more could you ask for?  Plus, I think it would make an awesome gift for the groomsmen, don't you?

And speaking of gold, I still am in LOVE with this Rag & Bone knitted metallic sweater...
It just looks like the perfect layering piece...with a bit of glam ;-)  However, I think simple dresses for the bridesmaids would look lovely with this sweater thrown over as the night cools!  Add a brown belt to tuck the sweater into a bit and your girls would be good to go.  Need a visual on the look I am describing, then have a look-see at THIS.

I also fell in love with Kate Spade's gold hedgehog coin purse...
Quirky - absolutely ;-)  Kinda like me...that's probably why I love it.  Yet, the gold glams it up a big...and I love a bit of glam.  And I think it would be a fun gift for your event designer (if you decide on giving them a gift), like me...hehe!

Finally, these crown hairpins from Dariami on Etsy are just DARLING...
And while they are on my wish list, I really would love them sitting on my dresser, even if I never wear them, as a reminder that we all deserve to wear crowns, no?  However, they would be fabulous for the flower girl to wear ;-)

Wow, I think I could really get used to a weekly wish list post.  Hmm, I think I will start doing it on Luna and Chloe Style - my long lost all things non-wedding related blog (interior design, fashion, etc...)...which I have been missing posting on...just another thing to add to my list!

Anyhoo lovelies - Happy Friday and wishing you a wonderful weekend!  Hope you enjoyed your week, and thanks for indulging me in my wish list ;-)

~ Ciao

...images via rue magazine with photography by jose villa, madewellmuhs home, net-a-porter, kate spade & dariami on etsy


  1. that gold hedgehog coin purse + the crown hair pins are too cute for words.

  2. That top is really just lovely! And those crown pins are too cute for words!

    Nicky of JAF Gifts