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Happy Thursday loves!  Can you believe Christmas is on Saturday - eek.  I'm still shopping for presents, and spent almost 3 hours last night wrapping the ones we have.  I guess that is what happens when you go on vacation right before the holidays...you play catch up when you get back!  If I ever go on vacation before Christmas again I am going to make sure that the majority of my shopping is done before I go.  Good strategy I think!  I hope everyone is already done with all their shopping and getting to spend some time just enjoying the holiday season.

Anyway, I have the next part in my linen and lace photo shoot for you today!  This week it is the table decor.  Since vintage was my main theme - I really tried to look at the table from that perspective.  So here it is...
Don't you just love Queen Anne's Lace?  I do...can't you tell?  In the picture above you can see the escort area that I featured a couple weeks ago.  Also you might remember, I mentioned that each table was a chapter...well you can see in the picture below that the table was marked in just that way...
As I was thinking about vintage era's, and the time that my Great Aunt Millie grew up in...it dawned on me that a big thing back then was dance cards.  So I thought - why not set at each place setting for the ladies a dance card, and for the man a boutonniere, of course!
So from the left over chapter's in the book I made a dance card for the ladies...
I ran a piece of vintage lace down the side, and painted golf sized pencils white.  Yes, I painted them!  The gold just didn't go, and I couldn't find white ones at the time.  Inside I printed on cream colored construction paper (the only paper that I sure for this whole shoot that wasn't from the vintage book I used...remember I only used one book for this whole shoot) numbers with lines that the ladies could write who they danced with for each song.
And of course I had to have a happily ever after at the end!
For the boutonniere's I used a couple small pieces of Queen Anne's Lace and wrapped the stem with a vintage book page strip.
I have to tell you that the glasses you see in this shoot are Aunt Millie's.  Believe it or not - they were her grandma's when she got married over 100 years ago!  I couldn't believe she offered me them when I told her about the shoot I was going to do.  Let me tell you - I handled them with extreme care!
I adorned the glasses with a sprig of mint, and a stir stick made with a scalloped circle punch.  And below you can see one of my sets of vintage butter plates that I used to hold salt and pepper.  Also I lined some vintage book pages down the center of the table.
The below picture isn't that great...but it does show you the mini vintage mold that I used at each place setting.  (I also used a larger mold on my raffle table that I showed last week.)  I filled each with some Queen Anne's Lace, and a stick that had a cute line from the book.
Another detail I wanted to point out were mason jars that I used.  They actually said Good House Keepers on them - so perfect with my whole theme and the vintage drying rack escort area and the vintage ironing board that I used for the dessert table.
A couple more shots for you...

I adore my old, beat up red bench that I got for free.  It brought just a little extra color to the table.  So there you have it my dears - my vintage linen and lace table decor.  Remember next week I have some other details to share with you...which is perfect as it will be the last part of my photo shoot and the end of the year! 

~ Ciao

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  1. This is beautiful! I love all the green and white! You do truly amazing work!

  2. Beautiful... i absolutely love all the attention to detail!! xo

  3. So much to love! The 100 year old glasses...the Queen Anne's Lace...it's all charming! Beautiful work!

  4. Naomi "Sissy"December 23, 2010 at 10:01 AM

    I love the tiny bouquets wrapped in the book pages! Perfect!! This is one of my fave shoots!!

  5. So gorgeous! The Queen Anne's Lace and the book pages are amazing!

  6. Stunning as always!! The details are the best best part!! Have a happy holiday! (p.s. that lace is perfection...oh my!!)

  7. the goodness continues...I love your attention to details and the use of Queens Anne lace & vintage books pages makes it a perfect duo.

  8. Absolutely perfect... love it all!! Especially your red bench!!

  9. I love everything on top of your table. So classy and so many decors. Stunning as always.