~ homemade: linen and lace raffle ~

Good morning my dears!  I can't believe that it is Thursday already - this week is just flying by.  Before I know it I will be on a plane back to California!  But today is special, as it is Madi's 4th birthday and we are going to Disney World to celebrate!  

Anyway, continuing on from where I left off last week with my Linen and Lace photoshoot - I thought I would share with you something special that I always do at big events...a raffle!  Seems kind of funny to do at a wedding, but it was/is my way of thanking my guests for coming.  I did this at my engagement party, bridal shower, and wedding!  Let me tell you it was an enormous hit, got everyone involved, and people were just hoping that their number would be called.  So of course I had to set up an area at my linen and lace photoshoot that included a raffle!  So here it is...
I love the vintage baking tin that holds the Queen Anne's Lace above, and the mason jar below.
Of course I wanted to come up with a unique way to do the raffle instead of just handing people tickets.  At my wedding I hid the tickets in crackers (the kind that you pull apart that pop) that I made.  I had them handed out just after dinner and the guests all opened them at once with a big pop.  There was lots of laughter when they found out what was inside, and they were so excited.  It was so quite as we started calling out numbers that you could hear a pin drop!  So for this shot I used pages from the vintage book I had.  On each clothespin I put a different page number...
I like the idea of putting the numbers on clothespins as they are easily clipped on to something so your guests can't lose.  Below are just some extra decorations for the raffle table...
Since I used the drawers for the escort area, I just used a tension bar to hold a vintage linen to cover the empty space on the buffet.  Oh did I mention that this buffet was free?  Yep, picked up off the corner on my way to work!  Gotta love that, right?

Anyway, I am off to Disney!  Hope you enjoyed this special idea that I shared with you.  Next week I will share with you the table decor, and the week after that some of the other details from the shoot.  Hope you all have a lovely day!


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  1. I LOVE BOOKS!!!! This is such an inventive idea - thanks for sharing :)

  2. i'm loving this the linen & lace projects more & more. I would have never thought of a raffle for a wedding or shower!! what a wonderful idea!

    enjoy your time at disney!!

  3. love the raffle idea! so fun. have a great time today! :)

  4. You are always too cute and creative for words! I would like to spend a day inside your brain! xoxo

  5. you are so ridiculously talented and creative!!!!

  6. this is SUCH a neat idea!...WHO are you?!!?

  7. So creative! I love the use of book pages!