~ fabulous new year's eve ~

If you are looking for me, this is where I am (in my dreams)...
Sweet Escape
A secret little spot that can't be found.  It is a fabulously warm locale without anything to distract me from relishing in the last moments of 2010 and anticipating what 2011 has to bring.  With all the crazy that has been the last couple of months, there is no place I would rather be on New Year's Eve than on a sunny beach with no iPhone, laptop, traffic, noise, television - nothing but the warm light breeze and the sound of waves lapping on the sand.  And all that I need to enjoy this day is...
...a white bikini, a pair of sunglasses and a cute kaftan.  After I have had my fill of sun and sand today, stillness and quiet will continue this evening.  A homemade dinner cooked for two, eaten outside as the sun sets, with a glass of bubbly and a silk tunic dress to get me in the mood to dance under the stars with no music but our own...
...and without worry of when the new year rings in except for the sun rising in the morning to tell us it has arrived!

Where ever you are and who ever you are with (alone is good too) may you remember that the new year brings a new start, a fresh beginning, a time for you to do what you have always wanted to do.  This is the year for you...may you relish in all that it has to bring and be thankful, that yet again, you have another year to do it in.  The slate has been wiped clean - it's time to create your own masterpiece.  Whatever that masterpiece may be!

Happy New Year my dear friends - I wish you your dreams!  See you next year.  Mwah!!!


...beach picture photography via matt bird & clothing images via net-a-porter


  1. K, I NEED to know where this is!!!!!! happy new years my doll!

  2. I would love to be here, too! Gorgeous bathing suit!!

  3. This sounds and looks utterly blissful!! Maybe next year huh?