~ homemade: cork and thread inspired details part II ~

Alrighty, here we are with Part II of today's homemade post!  I just have to start out with a couple more pictures for you...
Okay...now that I got that out of my system, I can show you a couple other quick and easy ideas.  First up is an escort card...
Cork and Thread
Place a circle shaped piece of paper with a guests name and table number on top of a coaster...just pin or hang to display.  Another quick idea is to wrap a piece of cork (with an adhesive back) around a mason jar...
Cork and Thread
Just add some thread (or a piece of fabric) to finish off.  Either fill with flowers or a cocktail. I really liked this idea for a cocktail as the cork makes it easy to grab your glass!  And I do love the simplicity of a wine glass stem wrapped in thread...
Cork and Thread
And a vase wrapped with thread...
Cork and Thread
It is the extra added detail that I love...plus, it hids the water line in the vase!  And just imagine it in a pretty color!  Finally, I told you that I did a number two, but don't think I showed you a picture of it....well here it is...
Too cute, no?  Love!  Just a quick reminder - cork cracks when bent too far!  And I forgot to mention that for the numbers 1, 4 and 7 that don't have a bottom to stand on you can either lean them up against something or stick them in a flower frog (painted a color to match). 

I had a BLAST working on this homemade project!  Seriously, there are soo many ways to use... like just cutting numbers and letters out of cork, spray painting the cork a color (fun), making your own cork backed picture frames and pinning pictures or escort cards to it...oh yes, I could go on and on...And I just might have to create a couple more cork inspired details for you!  Hope you enjoyed this Thursday's homemade project!  Now I'm off to see what I can come up for next Thursday. 

~ Ciao

...photography by me


  1. cork table numbers?! who are you?! genius, i say!

  2. those cork table numbers and thread wound vases are amazing! such good ideas

  3. The cork table numbers...are FREAKING brilliant! Jeez!