~ tuesday thought: egg sandwiches ~

I am a huge supporter for having late night snacks at weddings!  I think we have all been there - a couple of cocktails to loosen us up, so we can spend the night on the dance floor showing off our moves - leaves us down right famished.  Well why not serve your guests a late night snack?  So here is your Tuesday Thought:  Serve up an egg sandwich like this one... 
Yum!  Now this is the kind of late night snack I'd want, wouldn't you?  You can get the recipe right here.  And how cute would it look wrapped in parchment and served up in one of my diy snack packs?  I know, it is too big to fit in one...but just trim the divider on one side and it would work beautifully...while still leaving two slots on the other side.  Love it!

~ Ciao

...image via design sponge


  1. I'm so hungry after seeing this. It looks amazing.

  2. omg!!! that is such a great idea especially w/ your diy snack packs. btw have i told you that i love your ideas!! i really do!

  3. holy heck.... I'm hungry anyway but this is making it worse!! Late night snacks are the best idea at weddings!!