~ flowers of the week: 10.25.10 ~

Good Monday morning my dears!  Did everyone have a lovely weekend? 

Mine was pretty good.  Things definitely didn't go as planned this weekend that's for sure...sitting in the car for three hours waiting for the rain to stop so I could do my photoshoot was by no means the way I like to spend my time, and to top it off we were in the woods with little to no cell reception so I couldn't even work or tweet!  But Mr. Big and I hung out, listened to music and the rain and chatted.  It actually was a blessing in disguise as it gave me a chance to sit and relax as I have been running on empty all week!  Finally, the rain gave us a break and we got the shoot done just as it started again.  And the rain continued all weekend.  I do have to admit that I love a rainy day on occasion...especially when the wind is blowing the leaves all around.  So when I ran across this bouquet, I knew I had to post it for this week's flowers...
  Flowers of the Week
All those pretty leaves gathered up into a bouquet - so perfect for Fall, no?  Well it's definitely something different...and I think by now most of you know I like different.  Hope you have a great week!

~ Ciao

...photography jill thomas


  1. Hi Kristi, I'm glad that your week-end was a great week-end. Also mine was fantastic, full of love, kind words, simple moments and autumn's smell. Ciao!

  2. That looks beautiful!!! Yeh gotta say I love a good rainy day as well!! Just not as many as we've had this winter... but with a roaring fire, hot cuppa and a good book.. bliss!

  3. Sometimes a little rain is just what the doctor ordered. Along with that bouquet - LOVE!!! (@bridegoggles)

  4. kinda sounds like a romantic weekend..
    glad you & mr big had a chance to just relax & chat! can't wait to see this shoot.
    ps~ that bouquet is fall perfection!!

  5. GORGEOUS my dear, must stunning!

  6. This is really so beautiful and simple. I haven't seen a bouquet comprised of these elements before. Love it, Kristi!

  7. It really sounds romantic!!! I cannot wait to see the shoot and I'm so glad you and Mr. Big had a chance to spend quality time together ;)) oh and the bouquet is gorgeous!!