~ homemade: drawer pulls part III ~

Okay, here is the last and final post in this little homemade drawer pull series!  I have just a couple of other options for you.  For a field or farm event, the drawer pulls are being used as place cards.  I spray painted the pulls white and then painted the centers in chalkboard paint...
The goat cards are a downloadable template from Pottery Barn.  You can find them here.  I just thought they were cute, and something different!  Plus I added a bonus for you with knobs...used as feet on the slate...
You can also use them to hold signs, flags, escort cards or whatever...just put a stick in them!

For a wine country, field, rustic event I thought these drawer pulls were quite cute just as details...nothing other than to look pretty!  Can you tell I started to run out of steam?  This is the fourth photo shoot I did...
And finally, the last option is perfect for the beach.  The drawer pulls acts as a holder here - for flowers, grass...or in this instance spanish moss, which I just love to use for beach events...
Just shake out the spanish moss so that all the loose pieces fall out, and then add a touch of hot glue to the back to hold in place.  I realized that even though I only live about an hour from the beach, I don't really have any beach type of decor...hmmmm I'll have to work on that!

Hope you enjoyed all this inspiration!  There are so many ways to use drawer pulls...maybe this will inspire you to use them in another way.  And as always they are great escort cards...but I promised I wouldn't do that again this week...but I did have to mention! 

~ Ciao

...photography by me


  1. i cant get enough of these...that last drawer for the "beach" theme looks like a shell...so gorgeous!! have a great weekend!

  2. The only thing i can say is.... when are you moving to Portugal to work with us? This is fantastic!!!! REALLY!! You have some amazing ideas and inspiration.... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!