~ tuesday thought: the cocktail hour sippers ~

So I was in the store yesterday when I ran across these little guys...
What are they you ask?  Well they are iced tea sippers, my dears (wish the picture was a little better for you...it was the best I could find)!  They are called sippers because they are porous so you can drink through them while they dissolve and sweeten your drink!

So here's your Tuesday Thought:  Add these sippers to your drinks to not only add some additional flavor, but to add an extra little detail that makes your drinks a bit different from everyone elses! 

The good news:  they have cocktails sticks...
And cocoa stirrers...
Yet, I can't see why you couldn't add these to just about any drinks for a touch of flavor!  I wonder how adding the lemon, lemon-lime, or pomegranate to sprakling water would taste?  Just might have to try it out.  Or adding the hot cinnamon, vanilla, or peppermint to coffees sounds good too!  Of course, I would suggest trying them out first!  But they sure do look cute...
...don't they?  Cheers to happy sipping!

Note:  All three varieties are porous so you can sip through...even though the names are a bit different for each.

~ Ciao

...images via hammond's candies

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