~ the cocktail hour: mojito's ~

So I thought I would start off this week with some cocktails!  A great way to start the week, don't you think?  And the cocktail for today is a Sardinian Blood Orange Mojito...
The Cocktail Hour
A fabulous take on the original!  Here's how to make your own...


2 Bunches of Mint
1 Cup of Fresh Squeezed Blood Orange Juice (you can substitute Trader Joe’s Blood Orange Soda)
2 shots of Rum
2 Tablespoons of Sugar (omit if you use the TJ’s juice)
Juice of 1 Lime
1 cup of ice
1 shaker & Muddler


Add mint, lime juice and sugar to shaker.
Muddle the ingredients until the mint is well crushed.
Add rum, blood orange juice and ice.
Shake well and serve garnished with remaining mint and a slice of lime.

~ Cheers

...image and recipe via design sponge


  1. This looks like the most refreshing thing for a hot summer day.... pity we're a few months off one of those :-)

  2. Ok, that is the cutest freaking cocktail I've seen all day. I. Love. It. Everything about it.

  3. This looks amazing. Lip smackingly so. I'm also a sucker for anything involving fresh mint. What a perfect summer cocktail!

  4. oh my i just printed up this up...this looks so refreshing