~ details: hammocks ~

As Summer comes to an end and Fall slowly sneaks up on us, this is the perfect time of the year to lay in a hammock...where the days aren't too hot and the nights aren't too cold! 
And I absolutely love the simplicity of this one.  Why compete with mother nature with surroundings like that?  Seriously, the white sheets/blankets and pillows make the hammock pop against the woodland setting...grabbing your eye but not distracting from the overall view!
I have been dreaming about this spot since I saw these pictures this weekend!  That is what fabulous details...even as simple and small as two blankets and two pillows in white...can do!

My suggestion to you if you plan on hanging a hammock...make sure to really look at your surroundings where you plan to hang it.  If it's in an open area between two trees in a field without much color then go ahead and add some pretty blankets and pillows in colors or patterns to make it the focal point...but if it just so happens to be in a spot like this...let the location itself shine!

And a great hammock addition besides blankets or sheets are tablecloths!  The long rectangular ones hung at a angle like the ones above work perfectly.

~ Ciao

...images via style me pretty


  1. wish i could go there right now! so idyllic!

  2. This is dreamy!!! I wish i could go there...

  3. Beautiful...I just want to go there, lay down, and take a long sweet nap.

  4. I'm so in love with hammocks - takes me back to childhood days. Another thing to add to the list for the new house!