~ tuesday thought: diamond lights ~

Good morning my dears.  How's your Tuesday morning going?  Lovely, I hope!  Mine...I'm running just a little late this morning, but am finally getting into the swing of things.  And I have a little treat for today's Tuesday Thought! 

We all love a little bling don't we?  And while we have been seeing chandeliers at events for some time now (which I LOVE)...I couldn't help but think how fabulously different these might look...
Light bulbs shaped like diamonds...yes, please!
I would group three of them together, hanging at different heights, for some impact!  And with a hanging kit from Ikea, Target or a similar store this would be quite easy to accomplish.  I picture them hanging from trees...but they would be gorgeous hanging over the head table, or anywhere else for that matter!  Actually, I would love 5 of them hanging over my dining room table now that I think about it...wonder if Mr. Big would go for that?  Hmmm, might have to butter him up first! 

Granted these bulbs aren't like normal priced light bulbs - each one of these diamonds will set you back about $38.00...ouch!  But the fact that they are something different, and I believe they would be stunning (I haven't actually seen them in person) would make up for it I think!  After all they are diamonds right?  And where else could you get a diamond for $38?  You can get your own right here. 

~ Ciao

...images via dress design decor