~ tuesday thought: cute + cool coasters ~

Following yesterday's cute as a button post (which I just loved!) I stumbled upon a flickr fav of mine from Sarah Parrott...of Sarah Parrott Designs.  How cute are these letterpress coasters...
I am really loving the whole button theme!  And if buttons aren't your thing, she has cool record ones too...
Perfect for music lovers don't you think?  Not only would they make adorable gifts for the bridal party, but they would make great favors as well. 

So here is your Tuesday Thought:  You could use them at the wedding - yes, as coasters....but you could also use them as seating cards or place cards.  Or, you know me, make them into garlands!  Have the records ones spinning in the breeze outside under a tree.  Or decorate chairbacks at the reception, or string them together to line the walkway.  Or use them as tags attached to favors.  Or write on the back and send them out as Save the Dates...

Oh yes, I could probably go on all day...but I'll leave you with those for now!  All can be found right here.

~ Ciao

...images via sarah parrott

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