~ butterflies + teardrops ~

I am swooning over this pretty butterfly garland...
I love the delicateness of it, the soft colors, and that there are four sets of wings on each one!  Couldn't you just picture them strung over or as a backdrop to the vow area.  After all, isn't that the place where two become one?  So corny, I know...but I love the whole idea of how this particular butterfly garland (over other ones I have seen) represent the union of two people.  Okay, I'll stop being corny now...which is funny cause I don't think I normally am!

So on a little more fun note...this teardrop garland (which reminds me of balloons) is adorable too...
I am actually crushing on the colors of this garland!  I would love to see it used at a Fall wedding...as it would add pretty pops of pink to the more traditional color palette of oranges, browns and greys that are typically used.    And the name of the garland - Sugar Plum...which makes me start to come up with all kinds of wonderful thoughts and ideas!  You can find both of these sweet garlands and more at the lovely Etsy shop - This Neck of the Woods

~ Ciao

...images via this neck of the woods  (found via creature comforts)

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