~ blowing in the breeze ~

I am totally smitten with this row of flags...
Love the color and the fabric!  So you can only imagine how I feel about rows and rows of them...
I L-O-V-E.  Pretty fabulous don't you think? One thing I love about these is that they look amazing indoors or out!  And as you might have noticed no sewing necessary - just leave a little extra fabric for tags at the top and cut some holes in them - perfection not needed here...it just adds to the fun, playful feel of them!

P.S. - I'm telling you I think I am just a sucker for anything hanging.  Definitely an obsession of mine these days!

~ Ciao

...images via somethings hiding in here


  1. I love the multiple rows! I always feel like you see two rows by the dessert table or something and it's so understated! This has such a great DIY feel to it!

  2. I love bunting, it's so pretty! I plan to DIY some of my own for my wedding.