~ tuesday thought: connect the dots ~

Don't you remember doing this as a kid...
Well, here is the grown up version...
And I absolutely love this idea!  So fun and playful don't you think?  They can be used in sooo many ways.

So here is your Tuesday Thought:  Why don't you use these as your save the date cards!  There are 3 ways that I am thinking here:

1.  Have the date be the connect the dots and add your names.
2.  Have your names be connect the dots and add the date.
3.  Have Save the Date be connect the dots and then add the date and your names.

...Or you could use them on the seating cards for the table name/number.  With your guests name written out I would then make your guests connect the dots to find out what table they are at!  Have a jar of pens/pencils by the seating cards and let them have some fun!

~ Ciao

...images via black eiffel

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