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...you can't use old Christmas ornament boxes for serving snacks!
Who Says
Or just about anything else for that matter.  Seriously, how amazing is this idea?  A wonderful and easy DIY.  And if you read the writing on the picture...you could serve these as very cool centerpieces - love it.  Oh, I can't tell you how much I am adoring this detail - my kind of out of the box thinking...well, in the box in this case!  I would use these in a variety of ways.  I love how they are used as a cheese box and would place on each table, however I might have some flowers too.  Can't you just see long tables with casual flower arrangements in mason jars with these in between...fabulous!  You could also use these as welcome boxes for special guests, use them as your table markers with a number/name on a stand placed in one of the gaps, they also would look cute on a dessert table holding a variety of desserts, or you could have the desserts delivered to each table in these,...and on and on.  Oh, I am so doing this at a party or wedding!

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...image via sweet paul

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