~ sweet garlands ~

I just had to share these sweet garlands with you... 
They are handmade by Jessie of the Sweet Jessie blog...which if you haven't checked out is fabulous, and a must do!  She was in an online class I took, and was very kind and friendly reaching out to me.  As her blog title suggests...she really is sweet!  I am absolutely thrilled that she is making these and offering them up for sale.  Here is her latest creation in orange and pinks...
Soooo cute, and I am adoring the scallop shape of these garlands!  How great does it look with the yellow color of the chair?  Orange, pink and yellow - a great unexpected color pallette!  And I would absolutely love to use these at a wedding...or anywhere really.  They are just so festive and fun, and can be used in so many ways - indoor or out.  I just love them!  You can check out her Etsy store right here.   Happy Wednesday my dears.

~ Ciao


  1. oh, thank you!! I tried to email you directly, but I can't find your email address anywhere! xo

  2. Really really nice!