~ favors: olive oil ~

I am swooning over this simple favor idea...
Wonderful little bottles of olive oil (who doesn't like or use olive oil) for your guests to take home...
All with a cute tag...
Frankie's olive oil can be purchased here.  I love the idea that Sunday Suppers suggested to save on cost - purchase a big bottle and distribute it into smaller ones...then you can add your own personlized tag!
And lastly include a recipe that your guests can make at home!  I love flatbread - yummy - and I would definitely try this recipe at home.  Really this idea can be done with tons of different items...jam with a homemade muffin recipe, apple butter with a favorite bread recipe, jars of just about anything with a recipe...be creative and have fun with it! 

~ Ciao

...images via sunday suppers & photography karen mordechai

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  1. i love favors that can really be put to use. i'm european and i cook everything with olive oil!