~ gifts: winetotes + maptotes ~

So in my earlier post I talked about mapnotes.  Now I have to tell you about winetotes...
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How cute are these environmentally friendly and made in the U.S.A totes?  I love that you can choose from locations such as Napa Valley and Tuscany...add a wine from that region and it is the perfect gift for just about anyone, over age that is!

And lets not forget about maptotes...
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Which is where it all started.  They come in seven different shapes, and have 38 different locales to choose from.  And how cute is it that the maps have neighborhoods, icons and landmarks on them - so perfect for out-of-town guests!  Really, who couldn't use a cute tote?  Also, you could buy the beach tote ($35), throw in a towel and sunscreen and you have a great gift for the bride for her honeymoon.  With prices ranging from $12 to $35 you really can't go wrong!  All available at Maptote.

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