~ who says {special friday edition} ~

...you can't put macarons on a stick?
Who Says
Or make a whole bouquet out of them!
Who Says
Cover a couple (or more) with cellophane and tie a pretty bow around them to make pretty bouquet favors!  Or you could use just one covered in cellophane and tied with a ribbon/twine at each place seating with a tag attached for seating assignments.  Or use a variety of colors (which is one great thing about macarons), and have each table be one color - then write the names of your guests on the tags and attach to the appropriate colored macaron.  Wouldn't they be cute all standing up in grass (like a field of flowers), or sand, or wood with holes drilled into it, or in a lollipop stand.  Or you could use them on your dessert table in glass vases...lots of options, as always...which I love! 

And if you are willing to take on the task - you could make them yourself (or with the help of friends and family).  You can find the delicious recipe for the raspberry mascarpone macarons pictured above here.  Hope you enjoyed this {special friday edition} of who says! 

~ Ciao

...image via my tartelette - can you tell it's a new favorite?

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