The Perfect Perch

Oh, I am so loving this cake right now.  How perfect is this for a fall outdoor, woodsy reception?  And could those owl caketoppers be any cuter?  Seriously!
Wedding Cake
I am swooning over the details here.  Love the moss, branches, ferns and that mushroom!
Wedding Cake
I love how the owl on the left looks like a girl and the owl on the right looks like a boy.  (Awww, look honey it's you and me.)  See you Monday.  Happy (cake eating) Weekend!

UPDATE - After multiple e-mails regarding these sweet owls I have decided to add this - After the first e-mail asking about the owls I contacted the lady that made the cake and she informed me that the owls are from her mother-in-laws personal collection and are not available!  I am SO SORRY that I cannot tell you where they are from.  If you would like me to see if I can find something similar shoot me an e-mail at lunaandchloe@yahoo.com and let me know.  Thanks.
~ Ciao

...via utterly engaged


Sign + Birdhouse

Two cute wedding details...
stephanie williams details 2
Just a simple little sign...but an extra added touch.
stephanie williams details 1
When decorating your location, take a look around to see where you might be able to add special details...get creative...just a little something can add a lot of impact!  The flowers are actually the brides bouquet that the photographer placed there for this photo.  But how cute would it have been for the birdhouse to have its own little flower arrangement?  How about a nest?  Even cuter - your new last name or monogram above the windows.  Or your monogram on the roof.  Or two little birds on the base kissing.  Or...okay, I'll stop...but let your imagination continue...  Do this at your location and guaranteed you'll come up with some fabulous little details!

~ Ciao

...photography stephanie williams


Pretty Little Details

In my daily searches for something new I ran across the fabulous online store of Cox & Cox.  Even though they are across the pond (as some like to say), it wouldn't stop me from placing my order.  They have a wonderful selection of items for your home, and a special wedding and party section.  Here is what I am loving right now...
The white voile bunting flags are perfect to adorn your wedding.  They are great as decoration, or to line a path with.  Also, I love this confetti kit.  I would use it for little appetizer holders during the cocktail hour.  Some wonderful creation of mixed nuts or other snacks would be perfect...dessert too!
The first pic above is a wasp trap - the perfect addition to a summer wedding.  And I think this is soooo pretty.  Plus, it will keep the wasps away.  How about those twinkling glass droplet table clips?  Pretty fab in my book.
Perfect little vessels to hold individual flowers at the place setting.  These dainty little vases would make great favors as well.  Or group a bunch of them together to make a statement.
We have all seen the fortune cookie used at weddings right?  Well how about a fortune stick?  What a great little detail to tuck into the napkin.  These little chandelier zinc tags are perfect to write the guests names on and either wrap around a napkin or tie to the chair back...adorable.
Here are a couple of other ways to add some special details.  I am swooning over these little heart clips.  You can use them in a variety of ways, but I do love how they are used at a place setting to let guests know where to sit.  Or instead of a guests name, how about your new monogram?  And a personalized stamp can help with that.
I am smitten for these round cardboard favor boxes.  Decorate them anyway you like to fit your theme.  The plain cardboard is perfect for an outdoor, natural, rustic, green or casual wedding.  And instead of regular tea lights, how about these lotus tea lights for something a little different?
And lastly, sugar hearts.  White with a red heart or the brown sugar heart?  I'd take either!

~ Ciao


Thin Sticks

I remember when I was little my mom and stepdad would pack my brother, sister and I up in the car to go to see my great grandma who lived in Carmel, California.  Now the trip was about an hour away from where we lived at the time - but as a child, it seemed like hours.  Once there we couldn't wait to go to a handful of stores...the Italian deli was usually the first and I loved it...but one in particular - the candy store - was my fav.  I remember these thin sticks from my childhood, and when I saw this pic it instantly brought a huge smile to my face!   I still remember standing there trying to decide what flavor I wanted (I still think I would have a hard time!)...
What wonderful memories these little sticks bring back!  Now you are probably thinking...what?  Weddings these days are more and more about you and your fiances life (today) and lives(past) then they ever used to be.  Candy bars at weddings are HUGE these days...but, I suggest that if you do a candy bar make it candies that are memorable to you or the both of you (even better)!  Another favorite for me was Pop Rocks (which were taken off the market for a long time and then they were brought back)!  Pop Rocks remind me of visiting my father in Pennsylvania.  I still remember trying them for the first time...I was standing in his kitchen when they first exploded and tingled in my mouth,  and I thought they were the coolest things EVER!  So, if you are doing a candy bar think back to those wonderful memories as a kid!  And be THAT "kid in a candy store" when making your selections.  Even better, add a note to the jar telling about your memories!

~ Ciao

...photographer millie holloman


Flowers of the Week 10.26.09

Oh, do I have a special treat for you today!  The "Flowers of the Week" this week are a whole assortment of arrangements from a real wedding.  The wedding is of Jessica Claire, a photographer, and the photographer who captured her big day was none other than Jose Villa (follow the link to see more wonderful wedding photos).  Here are the absolutely amazing flower details...
L-O-V-E!  And a couple of pics of her bouquet...
Did you notice the "J" in the first pic?  The perfect finishing touch.  Just some inspiration for the day. 

~ Ciao

...pics via jessica claire, photography by  jose villa, flowers by gilly flowers


Miss Pickles Press

Finishing up the week with Miss Pickles Press (who is also on Etsy).  I think this is the perfect way to finish the week.  Miss Pickles Press is all about outdoor chic -think backyard bbq style.  But, don't you think for one second that this is what they are all about...no, they are all about the details - fun ones at that.  Here is just a small sampling of pics for you...
Loving the cutlery bags above...cute, totally fun and easy!

Custom spread the love labels - how could you not?

And s'mores tags - come on, who doesn't love s'mores?  It brings out the kid in all of us!  Also, they do wedding paper suites, custom monograms, favors, and more.  What fun!

~ Ciao


In A Card

Continuing on with my Etsy theme for the week...I found some lovely little things at In A Card.  These cards would be perfect for Thank You cards, special notes after the wedding to all of the people that helped make your dreams come true, or just note cards to use as you need.  You know, I miss this kind of mail.
And to put a special little touch on just about anything - custom monogrammed stickers.
My choices - Envelope:  Green with Envy (of course!) and Monogram:  Lace Me Up.  Just loving the names!

~ Ciao


Custom Flags

I have definitely been on an Etsy kick this week - I think this will just be an Etsy week!  I am loving the customized drink flags by Lauren Makes.  Just a perfect way to add a special little detail to your special day.
There are also cupcake flags...how cute are the colors and patterns?
Oh, and these are just adorable!  The one with the "C" and the date - simply stated.
customized cupcake flags via laurenmakes on etsy
Just some ideas for today.

~ Ciao


Love Birds

I am swooning over Cotton Bird Design's handmade birds.  Each of the birds are handstitched and made from recycled or vintage maps, music or material!  If you are looking for something unique to top your cake - then look no further - because these birds are absolutely adorable.  Here is just a selection from the Etsy store...
I sooo want a pair!  Which one should I choose? 

~ Ciao


Pillows + Wands

Oh my Etsy find today is just fabulous.  Maihar Design is the creation of two Texas born sisters that create unique wedding accessories.  Their hand made ring pillows and flower wands are just over the moon. 
maihar designs ring pillow
maihar designs ring pillow 3
maihar designs ring pillow 4
maihar designs flower girl wand 2
maihar designs flower girl wand
maihar designs flower girl wand 3

There is a variety of colors and styles to choose from on their Etsy page, as well as hair flowers.  I am swooning over the yellow ones though - the color is just dreamy.  How cute to give the flowers girls as gifts (or the bridesmaids).

~ Ciao

Flowers of the Week 10.19.09

Okay, when I saw this pic I knew that I just had to use it for "Flowers of the Week."  Even though this isn't an arrangment or bouquet...I still think that it makes a wonderful statement.  And, it is made up of flower pieces...close enough in my book.
Flowers, Wedding
I think most of us have seen flowers used in wreaths - but what about initials, words, monograms?  Just some Monday morning inspiration for you!

~ Ciao

...photography roland bello


Informal or Formal?

What's your invitation style?  Because your invitation style will help choose the calligraphy style.  Whether it's informal or formal Barbara Callow Calligraphy has a style for you.  And she was even kind enough to break them out into one of the two groups...so helpful.

So do you have a favorite?  I like them all!

~ Ciao


Vintage Movie Posters

You know, everyone has a story...about what makes you as a couple special...was it that first stroll in the moonlight holding hands that made you realize that this was the one?  Did you meet at the car wash? Dog park?  Was your first date at the beach? Or do you share a passion for the color red?  Do you love playing board games? Cards? When planning your big day look at what makes the two of you special or unique as a couple!  This is where the details or theme of the big day should come from - incorporating both of you and what you love.  I am sure that some of you have seen these pics...but it is the fact that the couple collects vintage movie posters that gave them the theme for their wedding.  One vintage movie poster to be exact; which was "It happened One Night" inspired the moon and stars motif.





From the invitations, which had moons and stars on them, everyone had an idea of the theme of this wedding.  How cute is the last pic?  Don't we all want to dance by the light of the moon?  I know I do.

~ Ciao

...source martha stewart weddings



Since my earlier post today was green...I just had to post these too!  They are from Sewn Natural's Etsy shop and are made with organic fabric.  How cute would these balsam fir sachets be as favors for an outdoor, woodsy or winter wedding?


If you sew or know anyone that does these satchets can be made with any type of fabric and filling!  Think how cute they would be as part of the bridesmaids gifts...in your wedding colors!  Just another thought for today!

~ Ciao

...sewn natural's etsy shop

Custom Tags

I just had to post these cute little tags from Ormolu's Etsy shop.  She has a wonderful selection of tags and other goodies (lots of colors that I loved)...but these I thought were perfect for a natural, green, outdoorsy type of wedding.  One of the things that I love is that all items are made on recycled paper with soy ink using windpower (where specified)...talk about making a difference.  The other great thing is that each of these tags can be made on white paper, with a selection of ink colors and fonts...just fab!
How cute are these tags?  Below -you can customize them with your name, monogram, date, etc.  So many ways to use...
Or you might like the custom vows paper chain.  I think this would be a cute idea to wrap around napkins at the place setting.  What I like about these is that they come in strips...in other words you don't have to make them into rings.  Decorate a tree with them, wrap them around favor boxes or jars, place them at the top of each place setting, oh the list is endless.
Just some inspiration for the day!

~ Ciao

...ormolu etsy shop


Outdoor Details...

I am loving the simplicity of the seating card setup here.  And that arrangement is stunning in a vintage urn.
artfool 10
The use of limes, lanterns and candle holders is perfect for this setting...all have a natural, rustic, outdoorsy element...which keeps with the theme and location of this event.
artfool 9

artfool 5
I love outdoor weddings, and I love it when elements from the setting are used.  Have you decided where you are getting married?  If you  have, take a good look at the location and see what, if any, elements can be arranged, added, incorporated, etc...that you might not have noticed before.  Looking at things from a different angle always works for me!

~ Ciao

...designed by artfool

Fete Champetre...

Translation...a country party.  And not just any country party - a wedding, which took place in the countryside just outside of Paris.  Oh la la! 
Kelly d'Halluin designer her own  wedding photo credit mallory samson
Above the bride, an interior designer and stylist in New York, shows off her fabulous bouquet consisting of a peonies (my fav flower), mint, grouse feathers, orchids, ferns and some butterflies all tied with a fab antique ribbon.  This bouquet shows how one little element - the grouse feathers, which I am loving - can add big impact.  What a fantastic way to add a touch of chocolate brown into her bouquet.  Below a cloche sits on the table capturing a little vignette inspired by nature.  The cards inside the cloche tell guests which area they will be sitting at...as this was one long table arrangement. 
Kelly d'Halluin designer her own  wedding photo credit mallory samson 14 veranda mag
The place setting below is the perfect blend of rustic and refined.  Lambs ear, which is velvety soft, adds the perfect touch on top of the menu cards.
Kelly d'Halluin designer her own  wedding photo credit mallory samson 8
Kelly d'Halluin designer her own  wedding photo credit mallory samson 4
How beautiful is the table arrangement above?  It consists of roses, sweet peas, mint, mushrooms (just fab) and grass.  And last but not least, the bride and her flower girls...
Kelly d'Halluin designer her own  wedding photo credit mallory samson 12 veranda mag
I am a hat girl (and I love wearing things in my hair) when the occasion fits.  So it's fitting that I am over the moon with the brides plumed fascinator!  Could it be any more fabulous?  Note to self - must find one for my own!!!  So in french fashion - avoir un weekend fabuleux!

I had originally posted this wedding on my Luna and Chloe blog a couple of weeks ago...before I started a separate wedding blog...but, I wanted to make sure this was posted here to because it is so fabulous.


...photo credit: Mallory Samson