Thin Sticks

I remember when I was little my mom and stepdad would pack my brother, sister and I up in the car to go to see my great grandma who lived in Carmel, California.  Now the trip was about an hour away from where we lived at the time - but as a child, it seemed like hours.  Once there we couldn't wait to go to a handful of stores...the Italian deli was usually the first and I loved it...but one in particular - the candy store - was my fav.  I remember these thin sticks from my childhood, and when I saw this pic it instantly brought a huge smile to my face!   I still remember standing there trying to decide what flavor I wanted (I still think I would have a hard time!)...
What wonderful memories these little sticks bring back!  Now you are probably thinking...what?  Weddings these days are more and more about you and your fiances life (today) and lives(past) then they ever used to be.  Candy bars at weddings are HUGE these days...but, I suggest that if you do a candy bar make it candies that are memorable to you or the both of you (even better)!  Another favorite for me was Pop Rocks (which were taken off the market for a long time and then they were brought back)!  Pop Rocks remind me of visiting my father in Pennsylvania.  I still remember trying them for the first time...I was standing in his kitchen when they first exploded and tingled in my mouth,  and I thought they were the coolest things EVER!  So, if you are doing a candy bar think back to those wonderful memories as a kid!  And be THAT "kid in a candy store" when making your selections.  Even better, add a note to the jar telling about your memories!

~ Ciao

...photographer millie holloman

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