Perfect Penmanship...

Everyone says that the invitation makes the first impression and can set the tone of the wedding.  I definitely agree with this, but I also believe that the real first impression is the envelope within which that invitation comes in...in particular the writing...or in this case the calligraphy.  We all know how it feels to get the mail, see beautiful calligraphy on an invitation and a cute little stamp up in the corner - excitement.  Now, I would love to receive any one of these envelopes in my mail...
grace connell designs

grace connell designs 4
grace connell designs 2
Each one of these makes a statement in its own way.  Not only that - they all would make a great first impression.  Just a little thought for today.

Because there are sooooo many options when it comes to calligraphy, I am going to do a post for each calligrapher that I like...instead of throwing a whole bunch of them at you.  Hopefully you will find the one that suits you and what you are looking for.

~ Ciao

...calligraphy by grace connell designs 

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