Feeling Blue...

I am sure you have heard, it seems like everyone has by now, but I guess I am in denial and didn't actually want to say it out loud - Conde Nast has decided to end a handful of mags, and two of those being Elegant Bride and Modern Bride.  I am quite heartbroken here as my own wedding graced 7 pages of Elegant Bride quite some time ago.  I have to admit that I am no longer married, but that doesn't take away from the fabulousness of my experience - to open up a mag and see something that I created - WOW.  Maybe one day I will post the pics for you.  Anyhow, it is sad to see something end that has provided so much inspiration and information for brides.  I have been thinking what could possibly make me not so blue?  And then I stumbled across these...even though they are blue...they would definitely make me happy... 
Or these...
Isn't funny how a pair of Christian Louboutin's can put a smile on your face?  And, how perfect would these be as your "something blue"?  Hello, showstopper!  Love them.

~ Ciao

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