Flowers of the Week 1.18.10

What I love about the flowers of the week this week is the color palette - white and green!  Such a simple color palette that makes a huge statement.  Simple, clean and crisp - kind of like an apple!
Ah - and there just happens to be one sitting on top of the menu cards!
I think this is perfect for a spring wedding.  I really like how the centerpieces are low, just green and white and in galvanized metal bowls (from what I can tell), and just to the right of the centerpiece in the picture below you can see just a hint of a metal cup/pail with apples in it -which continues on with their theme.  And did you notice what is hanging from the chairs?
I love this little detail below...a heart shaped tray filled with apples!  How cute is it that both of their names start with C?
With all the color choices out there right now - remember that sometimes a simple palette can be just what is needed and provide lots of impact.  Happy Monday!

 ~ Ciao

...photography the amazing jose villa

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