Centerpieces: Going Green

Here is a simple centerpiece idea that is good for enviroment! 
A runner of cotton, linen, or even burlap would be good, with some fresh loaves of bread, fruit and small bottles of just a couple of stems of fresh flowers is a simple, causual centerpiece idea.  And I love, love, love those mismatched cloth napkins!  The centerpieces are subdued in color, but the mismatched napkins bring in some brighter color.  Now if this isn't enough color for you - just make a couple of quick changes in the runner color, your choice of fruit and flowers, and you can take the whole color scheme up a notch!  Just remember if you see something and like it but it just doesn't fit you color scheme - picture it in the colors you are using and possibly you will see it in a whole new light!  Imagine yellow and greens of lemons and limes, reds of pomegranates or apples...

~ Ciao

...photography julia newman

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