On the Table

I am swooning over the way this table is decorated! 
An old plank going down the center with some flower arrangements, lace wrapped votives and some nuts and sticks!  Here's a close up of the flowers.  I L-O-V-E lambs ear in arrangements - it is super soft and silvery green.
Some of the details for you too.
Ah, the feathers are fab too!  Now I see this as a very cost effective tabletop.  First off - old planks...find them for free.  Second - old trophies and slightly tarnished silver vases - I would scour antique stores, flea markets and friends homes (just put a sticker on the bottom of who they belong too and make sure to return them).  Third - buy in bulk votive holders and apply your own lace, either paper or real, with adhesive.  And lastly - find a great florist or do them yourself!  And this would work any time of the year - think beach with shells and votives with sand, spring with moss, summer with butterflies...

~ Ciao

...images via 100 layer cake

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