Flowers of the Week 2.22.10

I am so simply over the moon with these flowers!  The peachy, white and chocolate color palette is just yummy.  And those chocolate cosmos - I L-O-V-E.   Oh, and we must not forget the paper pinwheels, and that wonderful aqua number 8 so perfect! 
Flowers of the Week
This wonderful arrangement is by A. Hana Designs out of San Francisco...nice and close to me...yeah!  Check some of Asana's a.maz.ing arrangements and bouquets on her website - the are all swoonworthy in my book!  Happy Monday.

~ Ciao

...image and flowers via a. hana design


Flowers of the Week 2.15.10

As it is my play day today, and Spring is pretty much here in California...I thought not only would I show you some proof of Spring, but also some thinking outside the box!  Here is a picture of the plum tree blooms from the tree out back...
And I remembered to take a look at the camillia tree, and look at what I found...
But I thought that I would decorate my grape wood branch with them and this was the result...
So beautiful don't you think?  Sometimes if we just look around us - we see that there are lots of options, like our own backyard...flower cost = $0.00!  Oh, how I love Spring.

~ Ciao

...photography by me


Lovely Manuscript

To write your own love story!
I know that everyone already has some type of wedding planner.  But what about a journal as you go through one of the most exhilirating times of your lives?  I'd use this to jot down feelings, thoughts, wishes, hopes, dreams...

~ Ciao

...image via here


Who Says...

...you can't lay on a bed full of handmade roses and get your picture taken!

~ Ciao

...image via emersonmade


Centerpieces: Oversized Wine Bottles + Flowers

How fabulous would it be to get these oversized wine bottles for your table...
And fill them like this...
Now that would make a statement!  And the pink flowers are keeping with Valentine's week.

~ Ciao

...image via pottery barn and via coco+kelley (house beautiful)


Flowers of the Week 2.8.10

It's Valentine's week!  And what better way to kick off the week than with an a.maz.ing bouquet in shades of pink sitting on a red chair - just fabulous!
I love the colors, texture and softness of this bouquet.  So dreamy!

~ Ciao

...photography anna williams


Who Says...

...you can't crawl atop a taxicab and get your picture taken!
Yes I know this was staged for a photo shoot, but it is A.MAZ.ING!  When thinking of the types of pictures you want - scour the area of your wedding to find some perfect spots for perfect shots.  And it wouldn't hurt to ask if you could do...something like this.  What's the worst thing they can say - No?  But they could say - Yes!

~ Ciao

...photography rodney smith


On the Table: Moss & Grass

I have to be totally honest here: I L-O-V-E moss! Well, this kind of moss at least. And as I am sitting here thinking of Spring, I couldn't help but state my love for it. You are probably thinking I am totally off my rocker. Anyway, can't you just see these little pots lined up on your reception tables.  My initial thought is that they are perfect for an outdoor reception, or in a barn...but in the garden or on a terrace would be fabulous too.  It's the pop of green, and a reminder of Spring that I love so much.
And if the moss really doesn't do it for you...how about grass?
Both are great ideas for the table.  All that is needed is a couple other little items on the table and your done.  A great cost effective, do it yourself alternative to flowers.

~ Ciao

...image via molly wood garden design


Flowers of the Week 2.1.10

I am loving these simple stems in milk bottles.
When grouped together, as above, they make a wonderful statement.  Yet, I also like them lined randomly down the center of a table.  A cost effective way to save money on flowers, and something you can do yourself.

~ Ciao

...image via the inspired room