Tuesday Thought: Tea Sandwiches

Happy Tuesday loves!  So tell me - did everyone have a fabulous holiday weekend?  Goodness, I sure do hope so ;-)  Mine was just lovely.  And I am easing back into the swing of things today.  Let me tell you, the snails pace I was moving at this weekend was fabulous...however I am still moving at it! 

So I thought a simple, but lovely Tuesday Thought would be perfect for today.  Have a look-see at these tea sandwiches...
Delicious, no?

So here is your Tuesday Thought for today...I have two of them:  Serve up tea sandwiches at your bridal shower, or serve them up at a mid-morning or mid-afternoon wedding!

Such a lovely option to serve that is easy on the pocketbook and can easily be a DIY.  I love the idea of them served up at a mid-morning or mid-afternoon wedding - it's a time when a full meal doesn't need to be served, but the tea sandwiches are not only fabulous looking, but the perfect snack for your guests.  And for a bridal shower, it's timeless and classic...however, you can always put a twist on it with details and decor.

Along with the tea sandwiches you can have sliced bread, fresh fruits and veggies, even some meats and cheeses if you'd like.  All displayed in an oh so pretty way - and you better believe that your guests would be impressed!  I was impressed with the first picture above (and the other pics too), weren't you?

Another great thing - it fits any theme!  Simple, classic, clean lines like the pictures above would be perfect for a bistro theme, or you could go with a garden theme with lots of flowers, or a beach theme with seafood and a shrimp on top, or even a woodland theme with a sandwich that is topped with a mushroom!  As always, lots of options.

~ Ciao

...images via sunday suppers

Tuesday Shoesday #26: Shoelicious

I don't know what it is about purple/pink/magenta heels that always seem to remind me of a specific cake - but they do!  Remember the post I did of three pairs of pumps and an ombre cake?  If not, make sure to have a look-see...it's a fun post. 

Well today I have another pair of pumps and a cake for you.  Today's pumps are a gorgeous shade of magenta!  Have a look-see at these Jimmy Choo Private suede sandals...
Tuesday Shoesday
Gorgeous, no?  And as soon as I saw them, they reminded me of this cake...
cake via every little details
Eeks - such a lovely match.  I am thinking that I need to start matching up shoes and cake every week...thoughts?  It would definitely make Tuesday's even sweeter ;-)

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~ Ciao


Happy Long Weekend

Yippe it's Friday!  And not just any Friday, but the Friday that kicks off Memorial Day weekend and the weekend festivities.  To me, Memorial Day weekend is the start of Summer!  And I LOVE Summer.  However, this weekends temperatures are definitely not warm and summery that's for sure.  But I'll take the 69 and sunny for the next 3 days...I'll just be wearing an extra layer to stay warm.

This weekend I plan on doing a bit of wandering!  Yes, wandering.  Wandering down a new path(s)...for not only Luna and Chloe Weddings and Over The Moon Vintage Rentals...but life in general.  I have made a handful of changes since the beginning of the year...starting with deciding to launch OTMVR and a website and blog, as well as getting LCW a new spruced up look too...but I have also made some big decisions in my personal life as well.  And with being so busy lately, I am looking forward to this weekend just to wander.  To see where life might take me next, to be inspired, to make some final decisions on a couple of pending questions, and to make sure that I see all that is around me.  I am hoping for a long path that leads me to new places...
Where I can sit back, relax and enjoy the view...
Or maybe go for a little ride, and feel the wind on my face...
Darling Detail
Sounds like a weekend of pure bliss to me!  I plan on moving at a snails pace all weekend...no schedule, no alarms, and with an I'll get there when I get there attitude (which is sooooo not me, and I know I will struggle with it but I'm gonna try!).  And I think I just might have already started with getting this post up sooo late!  See changes ;-)

Whatever it is you decide to do this holiday weekend - be safe, and ENJOY!  I wish you an OVER THE MOON holiday weekend!!!

I won't be back until Tuesday loves, as I am taking a mini blog vacay ;-)  So I will see you on Tuesday with lots of lovely!

~ Ciao

...photography by jen huang and jose villa via style me pretty


Homemade: Ribbon and Lace Table Runner

Happy Thursday loves!  Goodness - I seriously can't even believe that it is Thursday already...where has this week gone?  And why did it go by so fast?  Aye, aye, aye am I behind on lots of things this week ;-)  Eeks...and to think that this weekend is Memorial Day weekend is even more crazy!  Okay...whoever stole May away from me...I would like it back now...please!

And with weeks flying by like this one, it's no wonder I can't seem to find the time to do a homemade project these days!  I am really hoping to get back into doing my own homemade projects again....as I miss them!  However, I do have probably one of the easiest projects to date for you today!  Have a look-see at this ribbon and lace table runner...
Darling Detail
To make a ribbon and/or lace table runner, all you need is ribbon and/or lace and a pair of scissors.  Just run the ribbon the length of the table and trim.  Here are a couple more pictures for you...
See easy peasy!  And makes quite a lovely statement, no? 

~ Ciao

...photography by trent bailey via style me pretty

Darling Detail No. 12: Edible Pinwheels

The edible pinwheels (accordion fans, rosettes or whatever you want to call them - hehe) on this cake are just darling...
Darling Detail
I am loving the different sizes and colors!  And it would be so fun and whimsy for a Summer wedding, no?

~ Ciao

...photography by elizabeth messina via kiss the groom


Who Says

...you can't serve up your desserts in a wheeled cart?
Eeks - how fabulous is this?  I would have them wheel it right on over to my table...hehe.  But think about it - would be fun having someone wheel the cart around versus everyone heading over to it....hmmm, this has got me thinking.  Oh, and you bet your buttons I am OVER THE MOON with this!

~ Ciao

...photography by the nichols via style me pretty

Decorate Yourself: Bangles and Bracelets and a Necklace - Oh My!

I am adoring these leather and gemstone bangles from The Vamoose in chalk turquoise and pink marble...
I am loving the name 'chalk turquoise', aren't you?  However,  if the leather above is a bit on the casual side for you, these gemstone and metal bracelets in peach quartz, pale grey riverstone and lemon chrysoprase might be more your style...
I would love to see a handful of these gemstone and metal bracelets piled on...fun, no?  Whether you do a variety of colors or make a statement with all one color you really can't go wrong with these lovelies.

Either one you choose would be perfect gifts for your girls, or would be lovely to wear yourself on your wedding day!  And the great thing about these bangles is that you would definitely wear them again ;-)

P.S. - However, I have to tell you that I love acorns for some reason...I don't collect them or want to collect them, but I do adore them in decorations and details!  And this acorn and silk cord necklace is screaming my name...
Definitely how I would be decorating myself today!  But you have to admit...it would look cute at a woodsy wedding, no?

~ Ciao

...images via the vamoose


Tuesday Thought: Fresh Lettuce

I miss having a garden!  I had a lovely 25' x 25' garden when I lived in Iowa, and I sure do miss it this time of year.  Every year I planted a variety of vegetables, but the one thing I picked daily was lettuce for a salad.  I loved the variety of mixes that I planted.  I also loved that when I cut off the lettuce that I wanted to use it would grow back!  So I had a never ending supply of fresh lettuce for the late Spring and Summer, and I was over the moon about it ;-)

So it got me thinking when I saw this picture of a lettuce mix...
Tuesday Thought
...who doesn't love fresh lettuce?  And the variety of colors and textures do look pretty, no? 

So here is your Tuesday Thought for the day:  Use pots of lettuce mixes in a vintage crate as centerpieces!  The fabulous thing about this thought is at the end of the night you can have guests and family members take a pot or two home.  Just inform them that they can cut off the lettuce they would like to use, and it will grow more for them to use again.  And while you could use this idea at your wedding - it would also be a fabulous engagement party or rehearsal dinner idea too.

It would be cute to add some other fresh herbs or veggies to the centerpieces too.  You could get really creative and playful with it if you wanted - like naming the tables after lettuce varieties or your favorite salads.  Your favors could be olive oil, or a homemade salad dressing with a recipe card attached.  Lots of ideas really.  Definitely an eco-friendly idea that is cost effective as well! 

~ Ciao

...image via the new general store

Tuesday Shoesday #25: Embellished

A handful of weeks ago I wanted to be enmeshed, so I figured why not be embellished this week...in these Gucci crystal-embellished silk-satin peep-toes...
Tuesday Shoesday
Oh yes, embellish me!

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~ Ciao

...image via net-a-porter


Color Crave: Ivory, French Vanilla & Cream

Craving soft shades of color to decorate with today.  Like this tissue garland in ivory...
...that I am loving!  This wired pom pom in french vanilla...
pompom trim via caramelos etsy
...which just looks so soft and sweet.  And this jute twine in cream...
...which is such a lovely change from the usual brown.  All fun little details to decorate with from Caramelos' shop on Etsy.   Of course, there are lots of other fabulous colors and items to choose from so be sure to have a look-see.  Me on the other hand - I am off to dream in ivory, french vanilla and cream ;-)

~ Ciao

...images via caramelos'

Flowers of the Week: 5.23.11

I have the sweetest bouquet for you this Monday morning!  It's exactly what I needed to start my week off on a sweet note.  Have a look-see at this sweetness...
Flowers of the Week
Oh I am just loving the softness, the pops of blue and the cameo!  Everything about this bouquet is perfect, no? 

So tell me my dears, did you have a lovely weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting?  I have to tell you - my weekend was quite lovely...and I'm hoping to continue the lovely right through this week and into next weekend too! 

~ Ciao

...image via the wedding chicks


Sunday Sweetness

Forehead kisses...
Sunday Sweetness
~ Ciao

...image via style me pretty


The Cocktail Hour: Popsicles for the Boys & Girls

Happy Friday lovelies! I have to admit that I am happy it's Friday.  I am so looking forward to this weekend and getting some things done...like taking bunches and bunches of pictures of my items for Over The Moon Vintage Rentals.  However, it seems that every time I plan on doing this, I only get the chance to photograph two items and then something else comes up.  Yet, I plan on trying my hardest to get more pictures done this weekend. 

I keep telling myself that if I get done what I want too, then I can celebrate.  And what better way to celebrate than with a cocktail!    My only wish is that I wish the weather this weekend was going to be in the 80's versus the 60's.  Because if it was then I would definitely be celebrating with these popsicles...
Corona beer popsicles for the boys, and strawberry margarita popsicles for the girls!  But I am sure that I would be trying one of those Corona beer ones too ;-))  Really the Corona popsicles are as easy as opening the beer, pouring into a mold/form and freezing, and the strawberry margarita ones are done the same way using Mike's Hard Lemonade Strawberry Margarita - gotta love the simplicity!

Wouldn't these be fun to have during cocktail hour either at a destination wedding in Mexico (so wish I was there on vacay right now) or for a casual engagement party or rehearsal dinner?  And of course, they are always perfect for your next Cinco De Mayo party!  Eeks - I think they just might be a hit...especially on a hot summer day or night!  You can get the recipe (if you need a bit more information than I provided you above) for the Corona popsicles here and here for the strawberry margarita popsicles.  Cheers!

Enjoy your weekend my dears.  I am off to try and get some work done.  I will see you back here on Sunday for some sweetness.

~ Ciao

...images via bakers royale


Homemade: Flower Filled Peat Pots

Happy Thursday loves!  Is everyone having a wonderful week so far?  Well if not, the good news is tomorrow is Friday...woohoo.  I love Fridays ;-)  However, before I get too excited about tomorrow, I thought I would share this fabulous little idea I spotted over one of my favorite blogs, French Larkspur.  Every time I go there I am inspired!  It is eco-friendly, cost effective and a farily easy DIY!  Here have a look-see at these hanging flower filled peat pots...
Darling, no?  To get the how to and see more pictures, click right here.  However, you only need some peat pots (I bought some at Home Depot for a couple of dollars for a bunch of them), dried flowers (any dried flower would work), ribbon and some embellishments to make your own.  And I love that not only can they be decorated in so many ways, but that you can also use them on the table!  Oh me likey ;-)

P.S. - I also have a super duper easy Homemade post on Over The Moon Vintage Rentals too.  Click right here to see!
~ Ciao

...image via french larkspur

Darling Detail No. 11: Lace Runner

A lace runner on benches couldn't be more darling...
Unless you weighed them down with bells!  L-O-V-E it, don't you?  And yes, definitely a detail that I am over the moon about ;-)

~ Ciao

...photography by jose villa via style me pretty


Who Says

...you can't hang tutu's as decor?
You bet your buttons I am loving this!  Wouldn't t be perfect for a fun and feminine bridal shower?  Oh, and it would be soooo darling for a baby girl shower too!

~ Ciao

...photography by jessica claire via green weddings shoes

Two: Darling Decorations

One to decorate your reception, and one to decorate yourself!

~ Ciao

...images via kristina marie & elva fields


Tuesday Thought: Bakers Twine & Shears

I am over the moon about these shears and spools I spotted on Design Love Fest...
Tuesday Thought
So darling, no?  And while these were included in goodie bags at Blogshop hosted by Bri of Design Love Fest, I couldn't help but think they would be perfect for a bridal shower.

So here is your Tuesday Thought:  Use these shears and spools as not only favors, but attach a little flag that has your guests name and table number they are to sit at!  I am over the moon about this idea.  Really, you can play off the bakers twine and pretty shears to really create a darling shower.  And while there was no reference as to where the shears or spools of bakers twine were from...I figured I knew just the places to look to find them.  And find them I did!

These Okubo Shears are the exact shears above...well I'm almost positive they are! 
Tuesday Thought
These darling shears are just 7 inches in length, slice through small twigs and all types of flower stems and are $38 a pair.  Something we all need, right?  And the bakers twine, well I went to my favorite Etsy shop for this, Inspire Lovely.
Tuesday Thought
I found 50 yards of soft green and white bakers twine hand wound on a wooden spool for $7 each.  And of course, there are other colors available.  So for $45 you have a wonderful favor idea.  Granted, this is an expensive favor idea, but I still love it.  Yet, if this is out of your budget, I am sure you could find less expensive shears to use instead.  Also, another option would be to use it for bridesmaids gifts.  Just a thought ;-)

~ Ciao

...images via design love fest, shop terrain, and inspire lovely (edited)

Tuesday Shoesday #24: Gorgeous Glitter

I am absolutely loving J. Crew's Lula glitter ballet flats that I saw in the Inspiration to Reality shoot on Style Me Pretty.  The inspiration board that was used for this shoot was created by my lovely and super duper talented friend, Sofia of Brancoprata...which just had a marvelous makeover, so make sure you stop by see all the pretty!  Hmm, where was I?  Oh yes - shoes!  Here, have a look-see at these pretties...
Tuesday Shoesday
Such a pretty option for a ballet flat, no?  And with a price tag of $135, I think they would be worth every penny!  However, if your a high heeled girl, like me, they would be fabulous to have to change into for later in the evening.

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~ Ciao

...photography by james christianson via style me pretty


Perfectly Presented: Mojito Bar

Yowza!  Anyone else besides me ready for a mojito this afternoon?  Yes, oh fabulous!  What flavor would you like...
Perfectly Presented
Hmmm...I think I am going to go with the guava.  Oh yes, a little umbrella in it would be lovely...thank you!
Perfectly Presented
Eeks!  Thought I would have a little fun with this one ;-) 

But kidding aside - I LOVE the Mojito Bar sign!  And the flavors below are so fabulous, no?  Now this is what I call perfectly presented all right.  Speaking of perfectly presented...I am adoring the crate full of limes, the glasses all lined up, the potted herb, and the white umbrellas - such a simple setup but it does make a lovely statement, doesn't it? 

Okay, so now I am going to need to find me a mojito.  Cheers!

~ Ciao

...images via ritzy bee

Flowers of the Week: 5.16.11

Yippee, it's Monday!  Did everyone have a wonderful weekend?  Goodness, I hope so.  Mine, was fabulous - cooler than it's been and with bunches of work, but still fabulous as I did get some things accomplished...which always feels good, doesn't it?  I am looking forward to a fabulous week here at LCW...starting off with some pretty on this sunny and cool Monday morning!  This is exactly why I do my 'Flowers of the Week' post on Monday - not only is it is something to look forward to on a Monday morning, but it is a great way to start the week!

This week, I am loving this bouquet of pink ranunculuses (or ranunculi if you prefer) and sweet peas.  It is just perfect for Spring, no?
Flowers of the Week
Just look at how pretty the pink ranunculuses are...
Flowers of the Week
Eeks - those white and pink sweet peas are so pretty too!  If you want to make your own pretty bouquet, you can do so with a step-by-step that was created by the ever talented Chlesea,of {frolic!}, for Delightfully Engaged.

This week's flowers I am dedicating to my Mom, whose birthday was yesterday (the 15th), and to my cousin Greta, whose birthday is today - Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to you both!!! xoxo

Oh and don't forget to head over to Over The Moon Vintage Rentals blog and have a look-see as it is now up and running with a post daily!  Yippee ;-)))) 

~ Ciao

...images via delightfully engaged


Sunday Sweetness

Ring bearers and flower girls...
Sunday Sweetness
OMGoodness...seriously this is OVER THE MOON sweet!

P.S. - Happy Birthday Mom!!!!

~ Ciao

...image via ruffled


My Little Announcement

The time has come, even though I think I have hinted enough that you probably already know, to tell you lovelies about the project I have been working on.  There still is tons more work to be done, however, I cannot even begin to tell you how OVER THE MOON I am to finally be able to tell what I have been up to.

As a lover of all things vintage, and with a collection of vintage items that seems to grow weekly...I felt it was finally time to take the leap and start a vintage rental business!  So let me introduce...
Over The Moon Logo
Eeks, Yippee, Woohoo - d) all of the above is what I am feeling right now!  And how fabulous is my logo designed by the uber talented and amazing Carolynn of Two Brunettes?  Oh so fabulous I think ;-)  I have to tell you Carolynn has seriously been the BEST person to work with EVER!!!  This whole experience has been nothing but wonderful and pleasurable!  So thank you Carolynn for being so fabulously you!!!

A website design is in progress...LOVE my home page...and a separate blog for Over The Moon Vintage Rentals is being created as well.  And while I was at it, LCW is gonna get a knew look too! 

While my website and blog are being designed, I decided to start a blog for Over The Moon Vintage Rentals (aka:  OTMVR or OTM) on blogger so that I can start showing you some of the items I have, my ideas, buying excursions and so forth.  I plan to get everything in place (which would have been in place today if blogger wasn't down forever yesterday and today) and the blog will be up and running on Monday.  However, you can find me here:

Temporary Blog:  www.overthemoonvintagerentals.blogspot.com  (don't think the name is long enough, do you?  Hehe)
Twitter:  @OverTheMoonVR
Facebook:  Over The Moon Vintage Rentals

Would love your follows and likes!  I plan on working this weekend getting everything in place and a post together on OTMVR's blog telling you all about it! 

I look forward to working with you in helping make your photo shoots, e-sesh, wedding, parties, events, baby showers, etc...OVER THE MOON!  Happy weekend my dears.  See you on Sunday for some sweetness - as we can never have enough!  And on Monday with so pretty on LCW and some fun on OTMVR!  xoxo

~ Ciao

The Cocktail Hour: Woop, Woop!

Woop, Woop it's Friday my darlings!  And 'The Cocktail Hour' here on LCW.  Now that is definitely reason to celebrate...so can I get a Woop, Woop!...
Aww fabulous my dears - just fabulous!  While I am not sure as to what is in the glasses above, I am thinking vodka tonics - what about you?  It is a crisp, refreshing, yet easy cocktail to serve during The Cocktail Hour.  It is made up of two ingredients - 2 oz of vodka and 3-5 oz of tonic water (see easy), and usually served with a lime.  However when you dress the cocktail up with stripped straws with a Woop, Woop! flag attached - well, I think it makes them pretty fabulous, don't you?

And a fabulous non-alcoholic version would just be sparkling water with a lime...which would still be crisp and refreshing!  So which ever you choose - cheers to you my dears, and a fabulous weekend!

~ Ciao

...photography by meg smith via laurie arons


Homemade: S'mores Cupcakes

Happy Homemade Thursday my loves!  Good golly are you in for a little bit of heaven today ;-)  I don't know what has gotten into me lately, but I keep finding all these fabulous homemade goodies that I just have to share with you.  And today's S'mores Cupcakes are over the moon

I found this yummyness (is that even a word? ) on a new blog I stumbled upon, and fell in love with, called 6 Bittersweets written by Xiaolu.  Maybe you have heard of the blog before?  I have a vague recollection I have been there before, but when I ran across it the other day I looked at page after page of deliciousness (now I know that is a word).   Not only do the recipes sound delicious, but the styling (LOVE the inverted cake tin) and photography is fabulous!  Alright enough talking out of me.  Just have a look-see for yourself...
And here is how Xiaolu describes them:  "moist chocolate cake sandwiched between flavorful graham cracker crust layers and even more chocolate chunks. The best part, though, is the toasted marshmallow frosting that becomes delightfully gooey at first bite."  Tell me that doesn't sound yummy!  Here is what they look like without the marshmallow frosting...
And of course like most things - they definitely look better dressed up a bit ;-)  The torched marshmallow frosting with the small piece of chocolate on top is just perfection...
A fabulous addition to a Fall dessert table!

You can find the recipe for S'mores Cupcakes right here.  I also adore the cuteness of the Oreo Owl Cupcakes,  and the Strawberry N' Cream Cupcakes would be perfect for a Summer soiree.  However, there are other delicious recipes that aren't sweets...so be sure to have a look-see as there is lots of goodness to see.

~ Ciao

...images via 6 bittersweets

Darling Detail No. 10: Cow Bells

Vintage cow bells tied with fun ribbon and pom poms at the end of each row is downright darling...
Darling Detail
What fun it would be to ring those bells as the new Mr. and Mrs. walk down the aisle after saying their I do's!  You can't help but smile just thinking about it, no?  I can't.  I can imagine bunches of different sounds from lots of different bells.  Ooh, I LOVE it!

~ Ciao

...photography by paige newton


Who Says

...your picture frames have to have something in them!
Who Says
I think they look spectacular just the way they are, don't you? Oh me likey...bunches!!!

~ Ciao

...photography james moes via style me pretty - california

Perfectly Presented: Invitations

I can't even begin to tell you how much I would love to receive this in the mail...
Perfectly Presented
A wooden box, addressed to me with a gorgeous invitation inside would not only have me doing the 'kangaroo hop', but would have me grabbing my calendar to pencil, no make that pen, in the date!  As this would be one wedding I would not want to miss.  Perfectly presented?  Absolutely.

P.S. - And while this invitation suite is super duper elegant, you can easily use this same idea for a variety of types of weddings by changing the invitation style.  Oh and the ribbon on the outside too of course - would be darling with burlap for a rustic theme, linen for a beach theme, leather for a boho theme, gingham for a garden theme, oh you get the picture ;-)

~ Ciao

...photography by elizabeth messina via kiss the groom


Tuesday Thought: Simple Centerpiece Ideas

Happy Tuesday my dears!  Goodness, I just realized that my Flowers of the Week post never posted yesterday - so sorry about that...well I will just have to save the pretty for next week I guess.  Anyhoo, I do have some pretty for you today. 

I have been thinking about centerpieces a lot lately for some reason.  On Thursday's Homemade post last week, I showed you tin cans spray painted and used as centerpieces...so my thought after last week was - what are some other ways one can create simple centerpieces that still have an impact? 

Well, as I was digging through my storage unit, on a quest to find one particular item, I ran across a couple of different tins and wooden boxes that I had and thought they would make fabulous centerpieces.   I know most of us have seen pictures of vintage tins filled with flowers, however have a look-see at the wooden box, small compote, and the vintage tin with a hinged lid below...
Tuesday Thought
Tuesday Thought
Eeks - so pretty filled with fruit, no?  I adore the single branch of kumquats in the wooden box, the plums on the compote, and the pears in the hinged lidded tin!  And continuing on with the simple details here - the single rose in the teacup, and the kumquats decorating the table are all fabulous as well.  The wonderful thing about fruit, as long as you use what is in season, is that it is easy on the budget!  So if you are looking for a simple, but still stunning centerpiece idea...I think this one is pretty fabulous.  And if you don't have tins and such you can either buy, borrow or rent them for the day.

However, you are probably wondering - what is my thought for today, no?  Well my thought for today is simple - use the same containers as above, but fill them with different items depending on your theme!  Easy peasy ;-)

I think moss and mushrooms would look lovely in the hinged lidded tin, a handful of acorns would look fabulous on the small compote with a leaf, the wooden box is perfect for a feather or two or even a mossy branch, and I would place a fern frond in that teacup for a rustic, woodland theme.  For a beach theme, I would use elements such as sand, beach grass, spanish moss, rope, shells, and driftwood.  And this would work with lots of other themes too.

Most elements are found within the setting...so cost to decorate is nothing or pretty minimal, you just have to spend the time collecting some things.  But what fun expeditions those would be ;-)  Grab your friends, take a picnic and have some fun while searching...almost like a scavenger hunt...cause don't we all love a scavenger hunt!  You could even have a prize for the winner.  So just a couple of thoughts for you today!  Hope you have a lovely day, and I will see you back here tomorrow with more pretty.

~ Ciao

...photography by kate weber via her blog

Tuesday Shoesday #23: 3 Pairs of Pumps & An Ombre Cake

I have to tell you that this post all started with two pairs of suede shoes - the fuchsia Christian Louboutin's (second picture) and the violet Miu Miu's (third picture).  I fell in love with both the fuchsia and violet colors, and thought they reminded me of something (yep, here I go again) - an ombre cake!  Well then, of course I had to find a third pair to pull it all together.  And the third pair ended up being suede pink scalloped Prada's (first picture).  Have a look-see at the pretty colored pumps...
Tuesday Shoesday
The colors are so lovely together, no?  Oh yes, as proof on this ombre cake that they reminded me of...
Honestly, you gotta love posts that have shoes and cake!  Also, you know how LCW is ALL ABOUT THE DETAILS right?  Well that is why I almost always show you big pictures - so you can see the details that I am talking about!  Usually, when I put pictures side by side, which obviously make them smaller, you lose some of the details in my opinion.  However, sometimes a side by side is necessary for you to really see without having to scroll up and down to see the larger pictures.  So here one is...
Tuesday Shoesday
Goodness they sure are pretty, aren't they?  And you know I have to ask you my dears - which pair do you like the best?  The pink, fuchsia or violet pair?

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~ Ciao

...images via nieman marcus, net-a-porter & tec petaja via style me pretty


Over the Moon

...about these vintage lampshades hanging over the table!
Over the Moon
Yes, OVER THE MOON! And I LOVE the rest of the details too - the settee, the chairs, the table decor and the picture frames!  Perfect rustic elegance, no?

~ Ciao

...photography bret cole via style me pretty - california


Sunday Sweetness

Mother's - for all you do and all you are...I wish you a delightful and over the moon Mother's Day!
la boom
And an extra special wish to my mom, sister and Great Aunt Millie - mother's from three different generations - who inspire me each and everyday with their wisdom, stories and unconditional love!  I love you three to the moon and back!!!  xoxo

~ Ciao

...image via la boom