Who Says

...you can't have bonsai as centerpieces?
Who Says
I think this would be such a wonderful idea!  I would keep the rest of your table decor simple with clean lines, and you're good to go.  And you could even go bigger if you'd like...
Oh yes, one of those on each table would definitely make a statement!  But I can so picture it...there is the perfect spot here in Northern Cal that this would be amazing at...they even have a pond with Koi...goodness, I just can't think of the name...hmmm I'll follow up if I remember ;-) 

Just keep in mind lovelies, that if you go the bigger route that it doesn't block the view across the table.  Yet, I think the ones above would would perfectly, no? 

And while I prefer the maple bonsai, because they are a bit softer, any type of bonsai would work ;-)

~ Ciao

...via riazzoli & bonsai plants guide


  1. They look absolutely perfect as centerpieces back in 2009 we did a wedding with bonsais (a couple's favorite) and it looked stunning!!! Great tip!!!

  2. I love this idea-so elegant and chic!