~ tuesday thought: boxed up ~

It's Tuesday again, and that means time for another Tuesday Thought.  With being under the weather for the last week, I did not have the energy to do my own little photoshoot for you, but thought this was a cute and easy idea to share with you all.  One of my favorite blogs is What Katie Ate.  If you haven't been there yet, you should take a look-see.  It is full of delicious recipes, and gorgeous pictures.  I'm always inspired when I visit.  Today I was inspired by her cookies.  We all love a great cookie, no?  Well how about these macadamia, hazelnut, ginger and chocolate cookies...
Tuesday Thought
Ummm, yes please and thank you.  Definitely better than your typical chocolate chip cookie I think, and something kinda special.

So here is your Tuesday Thought:  Display, or give as gifts/favors , your sweets in a pretty wooden box (I believe this was a cocoa bean box, but can't read the writing on it)...
Tuesday Thought
Even if these were your typical chocolate chip cookies they would seem extra special if displayed or given like this.  Taking it one step further - you can display a handful of sweets on the dessert table this way.  How pretty would a couple of these boxes, or similar ones, look on a dessert table?  I can just picture them lined up...  And I adore the bright blue color of the box with the color of the cookies - a great color palette.
Tuesday Thought
If you would like to make these cookies, then here is the recipe...
Tuesday Thought
I think I am going to have to make these soon!

You know LCW is all about the details - and it's little details like this that I'm over the moon about!  Simple - yes.  Easily overlooked - lots of times.  But when noticed, makes an impression - absolutely!  This is one of the easiest ways to add details to your event - take the ordinary (or something special) and display it in a new way...hmmm this one little detail has me thinking of lots of ideas...how pretty would flower arrangements be in it?  Or silverware at a more casual event?  Or escort cards? Or they would be great on each table filled just the way they are...

I need to give a little shout out to Mr. Big as it is his birthday today.  So Happy Birthday hottie!  143 to the moon and back!  Mwah xoxo 

~ Ciao

...images via what katie ate


~ flowers of the week: 11.29.10 ~

Hello my dears!  I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Mine was spent sleeping all day in bed.  So sorry for my disappearance last week.  It honestly had to be my worst week this year!  I wasn't feeling 100% on Monday, and then Tuesday I was totally steamrolled with the flu.  And I'm not talking just any old flu, no sir - the kind that you're in bed for days on end, nothing to eat, barely can move, no shower...NOTHING!  You don't have the energy to do more than grunt if someone talks to you.  And you seriously think your world is coming to an end.  I've had this flu two other times that I can remeber - once over Valentine's Day 12 years ago, and then just after Christmas last year.  Hmmm...always comes around the holidays ~ note to self. 

Yet, what I was most bummed about was not being able to make it up to Sonoma to hang out with Namoi and Dr. G!  And not talking to a lot of my family and friends ;-(.  Okay, enough of my sickness.  I did feel horrible though, as I did not even wish you Happy Thanksgiving - my sincerest apologies.

I'm not 100% yet,  but did get up, shower and eat on Sunday.  One more day of taking it easy and then I should be back to almost normal.  In the meantime, I am in the mood for some soft pretty flowers for this week.  Oh yes, these would be just fine, thank you...
Flowers of the Week
This has to be in my top ten list of favorite arrangements!  I love all the soft colors with the candle and silver.  Plus, I love the pop of dark from the chocolate cosmo's and the unstructuredness of it!  Yep, these are definitely cheering me up.

P.S. - I have a handful of thank you's, tons of blogs to catch up on and comments to make, tweets to reply to, e-mails to get through, two photoshoots and two guest posts to do...all this week.  Also it's Mr. Big's birthday tomorrow, and I'm leaving for Florida next week for 12 days!  Eeeeek - I will try my hardest to get through them all!  

P.S.S. - THANK YOU to everyone for your sweet comments, Thanksgiving wishes and get well wishes  - I was so deeply touched, and they are SINCERELY appreciated!!! Mwah, Mwah!

~ Ciao

...photography jose villa via stylemepretty


~ tuesday shoesday #4: braids for the beach ~

Wow, am I late getting this post up!  Even later when I realized my scheduled post was set for the wrong time - so struggling today.  Sorry about that. 

Today has been cold, windy and rainy again, and I have been just chilled to the bone all day.  Can't seem to get warm.  So I have been thinking of sunny, warm tropical places to try and warm me up - not working so far...but I did find a fabulous little pair of sandals to wear for a beachy/tropical wedding!  Have a look-see at these Lanvin thong sandals...
Tuesday Shoesday
Tuesday Shoesday
I love the braided ivory silk-chiffon...
Tuesday Shoesday
And they come in a pretty blue box with a bow...
Tuesday Shoesday
Beautiful, no?

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~ Ciao

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~ tuesday thought & homemade: it's about time ~

...to find your seat.
I am adoring this simple but cute escort card idea that I came up with, when I ran across the clock faces on The Graphics Fairy blog.  My idea is that whatever time is marked on the clock, is the table your guest is to sit out.  By using two different clock faces (roman numerals and numbers), you can have up to 24 tables!  If you are having 12 tables or less, then you can easily use one style.  You could also use one style, and do every half hour if you'd like.  Either way it would be cute don't you think?  And I would use a larger clock printout with the time marked as table markers for each table (sorry I should have done that for you and taken pictures - but I didn't think about it until after I tore everything down and put it away).  Yet, I would LOVE to use actual vintage clocks faces - if I ever find bunches of them, you know I will be buying them!
A couple of the other details that I am sure some of you have seen some of these before...
I love my vintage books with the covers torn off...just adds to the vintage look, no?
Yes, this is the same Baby's Breath that I used in last Thursday's post.  It's remarkable that it still looks good, and I love the fact that I did not have to spend any money on flowers - hehe.
Tuesday Thought
I crocheted one long row, wrapped it around the base and then knotted in back.  It's a quick and easy way to wrap a bouquet.
And one more picture of the vintage clock face escort cards...
Hope you enjoyed this combined Tuesday Thought and Homemade post - since it's a short week!  It just so happend that I stumbled upon The Graphics Fairy blog.   She is the creator of these free printable clock faces, and numerous other free printables and crafty projects.  Search and you will find some really cool things. 

If you are interested in the clock faces you see above, you can find the roman numerals here, and the numbers here.  Yet, you could always create your own.  And don't think for one second this can only be used for a vintage theme!  How cool would a retro clock face be?  Or a sleek modern one?  Just change out the styling and voila - a total new look. 

So I will leave you with those thoughts.  Happy Tuesday my dears!

***Note:  I used a brown marker to write the names, and draw the clock arms on the clocks.   However, I would have either someone that writes very well, or a calligrapher do this for me if I was to use at an event.

***Sidenote:  After the past couple of weeks, and reviewing my Tuesday Thought and my Thursday Homemade posts - I am TIRED of beige walls, and I can only imagine that you are too!  I think a paint job will be in order after Christmas...so bear with me and the beige walls a little while longer.  Please.

~ Ciao

...concept, design, styling and photography all by me


~ over the moon ~

...about this rehearsal dinner invitation!
wedding paper divas rehersal dinner invitations love
I love to receive an actual rehearsal dinner invitation in the mail, don't you?  And this one, is one that I would most definitely love to receive.  I can imagine it rolled up, tied with twine and place in a mailing tube!

~ Ciao

...image via wedding paper divas

~ flowers of the week: 11.22.10 ~

Happy Monday my dears!  Golly can you believe that Thursday is Thanksgiving?  I think I am still in a little bit of shock at how fast this year has flown by.  It really needs to slow down don't you think?  Only if that were possible...

Well, this weekend was cold, windy and rainy.  We even had thunder and lightning in the Bay Area which is quite rare for us.  Winter is slowly creeping upon us...but I am still in the mood for Fall, and thought this bouquet is perfect for a Fall day...
Flowers of the Week
Flowers of the Week
Flowers of the Week
I am adoring the mix of leaves, berries, and wheat.  Not to mention the perfectly wrapped base with burlap, lace and fabric rosette.  A rustic, chic Fall bouquet - yes, please!

~ Ciao

...photography by cameron ingalls via style me pretty


~ sunday sweetness ~

happliy LOVE via mary ruffle
...oh the sweet possibilities!

~ Ciao

...image via mary ruffle


~ on the table ~

...with fresh veggies, bread, herbs and flowers!  I love the feel of this table! It's homey and natural...makes you want to sit right down with friends and stay for a long chat.  A wonderful harvest table, no?
tec petaja 1
Simple to do by adding some fresh veggies, herbs, bread and flowers that are in season.    
On the Table
And the clincher for me?  This mini cake with fresh lilacs on top...
~ sigh ~!!!

~ Ciao

...photography tec petaja


~ homemade: bagel bar ~

Good morning my dears!  Hope your morning is off to a great start.  Mine is not to bad so far.  So this Thursday's homemade post was inspired by who I called the "Bagel Man".

Let me tell you a quick little story.  When I was in college (in a small Southern Illinois town), we used to head down to the strip (the street with all the bars on it) on Friday and Saturday nights.  Well, sometimes Thursday too.  Anyway, each night on the main corner of the strip was the Bagel Man.  Man, did we love this guy!  Even more so after a night of drinking and dancing.  He was always there with his charcoal Weber grill and an little stand that attached to the side of it with bagels for sale.  And not just any bagels - oh no - these were bagels that were thrown on the grill and topped with just about anything you could imagine.  One of my faves was a bagel with cream cheese, fresh chives, cucumber slices and sunflower seeds.  Makes me sound so healthy...not so much anymore.  To this day, I want to open a bagel cart!  What a money maker it would be - in the mornings head into the corporate area, and in the evenings to the bars.  I have even tried to talk Mr. Big into it...who knows, maybe one day I'll be on the corner selling bagels (hehe).

So this is where my inspiration came from!  While my little set up is inside, with no Weber grill in site, it still is a bagel bar.  How perfect would this be at the end of a wedding?  Or on the morning of the big day for the bridal party.  Or for an after the wedding brunch the next day...you get the picture. 

Here is a little example that I literally through together very quickly late last night.  I spent too much time on twitter yesterday and other things, that by the time I got home from dinner at Aunt Millie's last night I still had to put it together and take pictures...poor scheduling on my part.  It isn't the best, but it does get the idea across. 
I included some butter, cream cheese, lettuce, fresh veggies, basil, chives and sunflower seeds.
Of course I had to make my fave...
Looks yummy, no?
There are just so many options to top bagels with...another fave of mine is cream cheese, tomato slices and some fresh basil.
Simple and delicious!
I always like to make sure I have at least one more option when serving food, just in case someone really doesn't like bagels.   These croissants stuffed with swiss cheese and ham and spinach and bacon looked so yummy that I couldn't resist.  
And a little fresh fruit is always good.
So there you have it...
...a bagel bar!  Even though mine was quite simple, I would go bigger for a real event, and include bacon, pancetta, fresh mozarella, scramble eggs, ham, and more...and of course the bagels would be grilled!

Hope you enjoyed this Thursday's homemade post!  I wanted to let you know that since next Thursday is Thanksgiving and I will be out of town - there will not be a homemade post.  But there will one again on December 2. 

~ Ciao

...concept, design, styling & photography all by me


~ over the moon ~

...about PaperPhine on Etsy!  Their paper yarn is just over the moon...I tell ya.  Have a look-see...
 And if the natural paper twine isn't your thing, they also have it in the finest white...
I can't wait to get my hands on some!  There are so many ways in which to use that I need to start experimenting with it pronto.  Also, the yarn can be dyed and colored easily - so it can match your decor no matter what the color is.  Fabulous, I tell ya - just fabulous!

~ Ciao

...images via PaperPhine