Who Says...

...your flowers have to be real?  I think these Sola wood flowers are a.maz.ing!
Whether placed on a grapewood branch above, or in a hollow grapewood log below...
Or even in a badam pod...
They look absolutely stunning!  If interested, you can find them at Save on Crafts online...they call them Sola shell flowers.
And the great thing is - they are only $4.99 for a pack of 12!  Love, love, love.

P.S. - If you are wondering what Sola wood is - it's an entirely natural paper product derived from the tapioca plant.  No lie.

~ Ciao

...images 1,2,& 3 via jl designs and events and 4 via save on crafts


Tuesday Thought: Mini Badges

Why not make custom mini badges for your guests?  Have the bride's guests be one color and the groom's another.  Then pin them on a board as below (or get creative), and use them as seating assignments.
Not only will your guests know the names of people at their table, but whether they are friends or family of the bride or groom.  Talk about a great conversations starter!  Just a thought.

~ Ciao

...image via wedding style guide


Flowers of the Week 3.29.10

Here's a different take on wedding flowers that I am swooning over!  Take a look-see...
Flowers of the Week
Vintage buttons made into bouquets for the bride and bridemaids...how fabulous is that?  And how cool is the color palette?  So summery for an outdoor vintage themed wedding.  Talk about something that you can keep forever, and they will look just as good 10, 20, 50 years from now as on your wedding day.  Oh, so cool!  Even if you don't want a whole bouquet of them, it would still be fun to incorporate some into you bouquet.  What do you think? 

P.S. - Hey mom, save all those buttons you have for me!  I just found the perfect use for them.

~ Ciao

...image via lilfishstudio on flickr


Book Boxes

With so many weddings these days incorporating vintage items, I ran across one other item from Wisteria that I just had to share.  Check out these book boxes, which open up for storage...
They come in two and three book stacks and in the colors above.  Now I know that they may seem pricey ($49 for a stack of 3) , especially when you can find great vintage books for a couple of dollars each depending on where you get them (or even free if you borrow them from friends and family), but I would use one of these book boxes to hold notes from guests.  Have guests write you a wish, thought, quip...and place them inside.  When the reception is over, you can place your book boxes in your home, and have all the notes from your guests in one spot.  Talk about good reading!

P.S. - Use the other two to hold extra items like pictures, your save the dates, invitation, decor or small details from your wedding...you get the idea.
~ Ciao

...images via wisteria

Carried Away

I love this glass and carrier set from Wisteria.  How perfect would they be filled with flowers and used as centerpieces at your reception? 
Another option would be to fill each glass with a candle - instant mood lighting for the table.  Better yet, hang the carrier from a tree and use the battery operated candles (safety first!) and you would have a stunning rustic chandelier.  Or you could go the route of appetizers, late evening snacks, a utensil holder, a favor holder...really the possibilities are endless.  And when your wedding is over, you have a great carrier for your backyard barbeques!  I L-O-V-E.

~ Ciao

...image via wisteria


DIY: Herb Centerpieces

So last week I did a post on herb centerpieces, which you can see here, and gave you some ideas on how to use them.  One of them being...planting them in a colander.  I also said that I would put something together for you.  Well I did just that.  Granted this is just a mock-up, quick, thrown together kinda thing...but I still think that the overall idea is great! Here is what I put together yesterday for you...
How'd I do it you ask?  Grabbed a colander, lined it with some plastic wrap (so the dirt doesn't fall through the holes), added some dirt and herbs.  Literally it took me about five minutes once I had the plants.  But I couldn't just take a picture of the colander...too plain and boring.  I added some nasturtium leaves and flowers from the yard (the flowers are edible), a couple of empty pimento jars with tea lights in them, a wooden #1 that I attached to a card using spray adhesive...which I then placed in a flower frog to hold.  I did purchase a burlap kinda thing that came on a roll that ended up working out perfectly even though you can't really see to much of it.  But I didn't stop there...I added some nasturtium to the back of an OLD chair from the garage and just let the leaves trail down it...
I love the overall look of this chair.  Of course, keep in mind this is a mock-up.  Didn't spend but 5 minutes grabbing the leaves and flowers and attaching them.  I created a couple of items such as a favor idea, a couple different chandelier options, and changed some elements...like the table number (not loving it in the pictures, even though it looked cute on the table)...and have plenty more pictures of details (like the plates)...but this post would be huge...so be on the lookout over the next week or so for more pictures!  I'll leave you with one more picture...
So what do you think? 

~ Ciao

...photography by me

Wine Country Soda

I knew from the second that I landed on the webpage of Vignette Wine Country Soda, I was going to love what they had to offer.  Here is their enter page...
Quite dreamy isn't it.  Just the calm, soothing look piqued my curiosity!  So what is wine country soda you ask?  As they describe it:  part magic and part soda pop pleasure...
Honestly, they had me at magic!  Non-alcoholic fizz that even the kids can enjoy, while still incorporating the wine country - genius!  Not only that but it is all natural, has no added sugar, is caffiene free, has no high fructose corn syrup, no added colors or preservatives!  Wow...once again proving that good things, can and do, come in small packages. 
All of that plus it has three varieties to choose from: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Rose'.  And if for some reason you can't decide, they do offer a 12 pack with 4 bottles of each variety.  I think they covered all the bases...don't you?   Thirsty?

~ Ciao

...images via vignette wine country soda 


Simply Stunning

Sometimes one color is all that is needed to achieve your wedding look.  Here is a perfect example...
An all white color palette, with touches of green and a hint of yellow from the Clematis vine (which are fairly easy to grow, come in about 200 varieties, and are fast climbers), is stunning in it's simplicity!

~ Ciao

...images via this is glamorous, via martha stewart


The Dress

I'm not getting married, nor am I even engaged...but that doesn't mean I can't find MY perfect dress if I was!  I have been married once before (am now divorced), and wore a Vera Wang dress.  It's funny how even though the style is different from my first one, the designer is still the same.  Let me introduce to you my dream wedding dress...
Wedding Dress
Hello, ethereal layes of hand painted silk tissue organza - I am swooning over you!  Everything about this dress and this picture is me - the nude color, the layers of silk organza tissue, the elegant...yet casual feel...but still with the wow, take your breath away element, the loose bedheady hair, the location and the softness and color of the flowers - all me!  Casual elegance, with a little rustic, loads of personal elements and a little bling...plus the wow factor in a dress...that would be my perfect wedding defined!  Just thought I'd share.  What do you think?

~ Ciao

...photography visionari

Tuesday Thought: Garden-in-a-Bag

Now this is a great and eco-friendly idea...
Wedding Favors

My initial thoughts was what cute favors these would make.  And these are favors that your guests acutally might use...because no finding dirt, a pot and then having to plant.  Not me of course...because I love to garden!  But then my brain kicked in, and I was thinking that these would make wonderful simple centerpieces!  I would use a variety of herbs for each table, or you could do just one.  Or a variety of flowers, and again you could do just one.  But they would be perfect for a backyard garden wedding or a eco-friendly wedding.  The plants are grown in bags - so no mess or fuss.  Just arrange some on a table with some other decorations and you would be set.  Potting Shed Creations are the maker of these wonderful little bags.  They have so much more to offer and items to choose from on their website, so please be sure to stop by.  Also, the thing that sold me...they are customizable!  You could put something as you initials or "where love grows."  Just a thought!

~ Ciao

...images via potting shed creations


Flowers of the Week 3.22.10

Happy Spring!  Now this is a way to start the week...
Flowers, Wedding
...with a gorgeous centerpiece!  I love the hot pink flowers draped over the sides, the softness and colors of the flowers, the mercury glass votives in silver and pink and the branches - casual elegance is how I would describe it, and me likey a lot.  Below is another arrangement from the same wedding - it's a little different then the one above, but still gorgeous.  And how about those crystals draped over the branch, and hanging in the background?  There is that bling and glamour I need.
Flowers of the Week
How's that for some Monday morning inspiration?  Have a great day!

~ Ciao

...photography visionari


Spring Green

Ah...just one more day to go until the offical start of Spring!  And with that, I thought I would end this week with a wonderful spring green creation that is just so sweet...
Don't you just love the white detail?  Hope everyone has a Sweet Weekend!

~ Ciao

...image via wedding style guide


On the Table: DIY Herbs

Well, since I have been on a green kick this week - I figure why not continue!  I love to cook, and I love herbs...so how about herb centerpieces?
It's an easy DIY and low cost option.  All you need are dirt, herbs and some small containers (you can get really creative with the containers).  Also, I like the fact that you can give them away as gifts to a couple lucky people at each table, or favors for that matter!  Or you could do one big arrangement with a cute stake with the table number on it.  I'm thinking a large strainer (with the inside lined of course, plastic wrap would work) filled with herbs!  Strainers come in all kinds of colors, or better yet buy inexpensive ones and spary paint to match your colors.  Or have each table be a different herb.  I think you see that there are lots of options.  Anyhow, it is perfect for a chef, someone that loves to cook or a couple that just loves food. 

P.S. - I'll make up a large strainer and take some pictures for you.  I'll post them next week!  So keep your eye out.

~ Ciao

...photo emma mitchell


Happy St. Patrick's Day

Just a little green inspiration for St. Patty's Day! 
anna williams green flowers
Oh, those hanging lampshades with flowers would be easy to make!  And wouldn't they look spectacular hanging from a tree at an outdoor wedding.  Yet, they would be just as fabulous inside too...like in front of a blank wall, to glam it up a little bit.  It would be the perfect place for a custom photobooth, or just a great place to take pictures.  Change out the color and style to suit yours and your good to go.   Hope your enjoying some green today!

~ Ciao

...photography anna williams


Tuesday Thought: Love in the Grass

How cute is this?
Just simply lovely!  But here's a thought:  with some wooden letters, painted in the color of your choice, you could say anything...happily ever after, over the moon, magic, or spell out your names or last name.  Oh, the options are endless. 

~ Ciao

...image via wedding style guide


Flowers of the Week 3.15.10

Looking for an eco friendly bouquet for your rustic wedding?  Well look no further - because I found it! 
Flowers of the Week 3.15.10
How gorgeous is this bouquet designed by the uber talented lauryl lane?  Oh, so gorgeous!  Just look at all of the texture.  And I love how the brown adds warmth.  Happy Monday.

~ Ciao

...image via lauryl lane


Written in Stone

I can't tell you how much I am loving these little stones at the moment!  What a perfect little, special gift for the bride.  Or if you are the bride, what a great gift to yourself.  Keep it on your desk - like a paperweight...and always remember...
Whether you like just initials, as above, or prefer something a little more like the initials in a heart below...
Or if you would rather just have the date as a remembrance...
...any of them would be fabulous!  You really must check out sjengraving's store on etsy - they have tons of items, options and shades (even though I prefer the white ones).  They also have great options for favors, seating and more!

~ Ciao

...images via sjengraving on etsy


Who Says...

...you can't have carnival games, and serve blue shaved ice at your wedding?
Wedding, Fashion
It's you day - do it your way!  And if you are a lover of carnivals and games...then why not host a carnival themed wedding?  At least you wouldn't be the only one with a blue tongue!

P.S. - Loving the colors here.  I think I see a colorboard coming...

~ Ciao

...photography cade martin


Tuesday Thought: Shades of Purple

I have a tendency to shy away from purple.  You see it is my mom's favorite color, and I think I had purple overload while growing up!  But, when I saw these pictures I knew I just had to share them with you.  What I love about this tabletop are all the shades of purple that are used - from lavender to a much deeper, darker shade...
The tabletop is simple, but elegant with the duponi silk tablecloth and napkins.  And the flowers follow the same theme.
And I L-O-V-E this wedding cake!  The simple design on each tier, topped off with some fresh flowers is so my style.
I think I am losing my shyness to purple!  But don't just stop at purple...every color has a variety of shades - it would be so pretty in yellows, oranges, blues, etc...  How about picking one color for your wedding and using a variety of shades of just that color?  Just a thought!

~ Ciao

...images via wedding style guide


Flowers of the Week 3.8.10

This weeks flowers are centered around a couple types of flowers and a couple of shades. 
I love the variety of vases - an orangy red, pink and lavender - it all works because the flowers are consistent from vase to vase.  What a beautiful idea for your reception tables!  Happy Monday.

~ Ciao

...image via wedding style guide


Sweet + Sparkly

I think it is only fair to tell you that I have an obession with chandeliers!  I L-O-V-E them!  They shine, sparkle and are down right glamourous in my book.  So when I saw this picture - I just knew that I had to share it with you.  How perfect is this...
...absolutely perfect, I think.  I really like the simplicity of the cake itself with the smooth fondant and simple black ribbon and bows - it lets the chandelier take center stage!  Simply swoonworthy.  Happy (Sweet + Sparkly) Weekend!  See you on Monday.

~ Ciao

...image via wedding style guide


Something Blue

How sweet are these pencils from Earmark on Etsy?  Not only are they blue, but a truly great favor to remind your guests of your special day!
Simply stated, and they make me smile.

~ Ciao

...pencils from earmark on etsy


Coloboard #2: Stunning Spring

It all started when I ran across this amazing picture of the pink pleated dress and the stunning location...
What a wonderful color palette for a wedding!  This palette can be used in a variety of ways - use the leaf and petal with teal accents, or use the teal and leaf with petal accents...you get the idea!

~ Ciao

...photography: girl - ewa marie rundquist, marshmallows - vanessa wu, envelope via ffffound, pink pattern - charlie drevstam, light - tria giovan and flowers via saipua


Tuesday Thought: Seeing Stripes

I have been on a black, white and chartreuse kick this week - hence this post!  I am going to ask you to stretch your imagination here, so bear with me.  How fabulous would a backdrop like this be at your wedding?  I know you are probably thinking - Yikes!  I was too, until I really started to see the possibilities.  The black and white stripe is pretty fabulous, though a little busy for me.  But, think of just the two of you at the head table with a backdrop like this, or one that fits your wedding.  Are you thinking?
Good - because now you can imagine it with any type of table, flowers, material, color, pattern, design, or even monogram.  See the possibilities?  And they don't end there - later on move out the table and chairs, and it becomes a great backdrop for a photobooth!  Or use it as the backdrop at your ceremony.  Remember, it can be easily made with some plywood, hinges and paint or material, and can fit your theme and colors.  Just a thought!

~ Ciao

...image via homes and gardens


Flowers of the Week 3.1.10

A beautiful Spring bouquet...
Designed by Saipua, who makes the most gorgeous arrangements.  I love all the different flowers in this bouquet, the softness of it and the wonderful loose, unstructed arrangement.  Happy Monday.

P.S. - I am sorry that I have been gone for a while!  I am taking an amazing class through Decor8 called Blogging Your Way.  I have one week to go, and hopefully my blog will be better from it.   But I plan on being back starting today.  So I shall see you tomorrow.

~ Ciao